Aurora Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution  |   Aurora, Illinois
Opening Night
Chapter Members in DAR Library
Chapter Officers
Regent Lynne Krantz
Vice Regent Carolyn Pennington
Second Vice Regent Laurie Sutherland
Chaplain Janice Pranger
Recording Secretary Donna Ching
Corresponding Secretary Kimberly Posl
Treasurer Anne Sears
Registrar Margaret Sopp
Historian Donna Butz
Librarian Sharon Nemedi

Chapter Chairmen
American History:Anne Sears and Amy Girmscheid
Americanism:Jill LaVine
Chapter Achievement Awards:Lynne Krantz
Children of the American Revolution:Traci Bernard
Conservation:Kelly Carey
Constitution Week:Traci Bernard
DAR Good Citizens:Anne Sears and Beth Eland
DAR Magazine:Laurie Sutherland and Marti Guarin
DAR Museum:Lorna Wright
DAR Scholarship:Amy Girmscheid
DAR School:Aimee Kennedy
DAR Service for Veterans:Kelly Dennis and Melinda James
Genealogical Records:Carolyn Pennington
Junior Membership:Sara Folkens
Junior R.O.T.C.:Sue Murray
Lineage Research:Sandra Gibertini
Membership:Janice Pranger
National Defense:Donna Ching
Native Americans:Angela McGehee
Program:Carolyn Pennington
Public Relations & Media:Melissa Koski
The Flag of the United States of America:Kathy Hubbard

Chapter Chairmen of Special Committees
Commemorative Events:Nicole Fairless
Literacy Promotion:Laurie Sutherland and Marti Guarin
Newsletter Editor:Margaret Sopp
Newsletter Founder:Cheryl Cole
Volunteer Genealogists:Margaret Sopp
Women’s Issues:Nina Hoover
Yearbook:Sandra Gibertini

Chapter Committee
Bylaws: Lynne Krantz, Anne Sears and Janice Pranger