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American Revolution

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We are Daughters, friends and colleagues and we would love for you to learn more about us. As you explore our site you will find the history of our chapter as well as information about our society.

Our Patriots


Fort Massac DAR members’ ancestors pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the cause of American independence. They risked their lives and fortunes during the Revolutionary War to secure the colonies’ independence after they declared their independence from Great Britain. These patriots helped win the war and secure the rights that all American citizens enjoy today.


Current Fort Massac DAR members‘ patriots are listed below in alphabetical order, the individual’s state of service, and their rank.


Elias Bowden  VA  SOL

Michael Brouillette  VA  LT / PS

Mary Caldwell  VA  PS

Robert Clanahan  MA  PVT

William Copeland  VA  CPL

Josiah Espy  PA  PVT

Nathan Futrell  NC  NCO

John Greathouse  VA  PS

Abraham Haff  MA  MGR

Michael Hargan  PA  PVT

Michael Jones  PA  SGT

Andrew McIntire  PA  PVT

Israel Meadows  VA  PVT

Peter Meisenheimer  NC  PVT

Marcus Miller  VA  SOL

James Park  VA  1LT

Benjamin Parsons  MA  PVT

Bennett Phillips  NC  PVT

William Ralph  MA  PVT

Peter Rust  VA  PVT

George Stewart  PA  PVT

Henry Winland  PA  PVT