Our Patriots

Did you know that your ancestor -- male or female -- did not have to serve in the military to be a patriot.  There are many other acceptable service qualifications, such as civil service (serving as a town, county or state official), patriotic service (taking an oath of allegiance or providing material aid, such as supplies, to the troops).  You can search for your own patriot here.

Caleb Aldrich, Jr., Pvt. NH (Eunice Bullock)
Elkanah Babbitt, Pvt. NJ (unknown)
John Bartholomew, Pvt. PA (Nancy Anna Mordon)
Ezekiel B. Benbrooks, Capt. NC (Mary)
William Bickett, PS MD (Jane Hart)     
Moses Bloomfield, Pvt. NJ (Mary Moss)       
Benjamin Bonsall, Pvt. PA (Rachell)
Benjamin Briggs, Pvt. PA (Rebecca Mary Welch)
Joseph Cody, 1st Lt. CS MA (Mary Parmenter)
Benjamin Cole, VT (Prudence Hard)  
Ezekiel Cole, Pvt. MD (Sarah Rowland)
Isaac Dexter, Sgt. MA (Kiziah Wing)           
William Drew, Pvt. MA (Eunice Howard)
Timothy Dustin, Pvt. NH (Eunice Nutting)
John Fellows, Jr., Pvt. NH (Prudence Stevens)
Archelaus Flint, PS CT (Chloe Elmer)
John Fox, Pvt. NC (Valentia Branch)    
David Garrigus, Pvt. NJ (Abigail Locy)  
George Griswold, Sr., Lt. CT (Mary Hayden)
George Edward Holmes, Pvt. MA (Unknown)  
Artemus How, Capt. PA (Abigail)
John Howell, Pvt. NC (Hannah Johnson)
John Jones, Pvt. VA (Annie Norman)       
Ebenezer Learned, B., Gen MA (Jerusha Baker) 
William Markey, Jr., Sgt. MD (Margaret Holland)
Frederick Mayberry II, Pvt. VA (Priscilla Yokum)
William Mims SC (Millie)           
David Potter, Pvt. NJ (Sarah Minthorne)   
Anthony Remington, Mariner NY (Hannah Otter)
Mathew Robert, Pvt. PA (Margaret Work)   
Lucas Schermerhorn, Capt. NY (Wyntje Fitzgerald)     
John Seamster, Pvt. 7th Regt. Cont. Army
George Sornberger, Pvt. PS NY (Catherine Wolcott)   
Nathanial P. Tracy, Sol. NC (Mary Hill Tidwell)
William Tenney, Col. MM NH (Phoebe Jewett)
Asa Upson, PS. CT (Mary Newell      
John Rudolf Waymire, PS, NC (Marianne)     
Rogers Weston, Sgt. MA (Deborah Lawrence)
Phillip Wigell, Pvt. NJ (Barbara)
Squire Williams, Pvt. RI (Anna Potter)
Raphael Wimsatt, Pvt. MD (Susannah Cissell)