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About Us

Our chapter was founded in Elmhurst, Illinois, in 1933. Our name was chosen to honor Martha Ibbetson, the wife of George Gray. The couple lived in Philadelphia at the time of the British capture and occupation of that city during the Revolutionary War. They dedicated their time, influence and personal fortune to providing care for patriot soldiers who were being held by the British.

For over 85 years, our small chapter has inspired its members with participation in military and veteran projects, historic preservation and community engagement in Elmhurst and surrounding towns.

The chapter meets monthly March through November, taking its break during the winter months. Evening meetings are frequently held at Elmhurst Public Library, but field trips provide opportunities to gather at different times and places. Whether it be “packing for patriots” in Elk Grove Village, touring a Chicagoland historic site, or walking in the Elmhurst Memorial Day Parade, each field trip welcomes family and friends.

An interest in genealogy brings members to DAR, but dedication to community service and the fun of shared interests is what keeps us active. If you’d like more information about our chapter, email Regent Patricia Debs.

Martha Coultas (Ibbetson) Gray
1734 - 1781

"Martha Ibbetson must have been an unusually clever and precocious girl, even for a period when girls matured early. Before leaving London, when she was fifteen years old, she had been "trained in surgery and medicine under a skillful tutor." This was a wise precaution for one coming into a comparatively new country, and one that later stood her and her neighbors in good stead. Her grand-daughter, Ann Gray (Leiper) Thomas, used to tell many an inherited tale of how she drove about the countryside ministering to the poor and ill. One of Philadelphia's famous early physicians was trained by her in his youth, going about with her on errands of mercy; and during the Revolution her skilled attention to ill and wounded soldiers merited and received unbounded gratitude and admiration.

Liddell, Mary Stanley Field. The Honorable George Gray, 4th, of Philadelphia, His Ancestors and Descendants. Ann Arbor: Edwards Brothers, Inc., 1940. Print.

Martha Coultas (Ibbetson) Gray

Membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) honors your Patriot ancestor and preserves your Patriot's legacy. As a member of DAR and through your participation in the Society's programs and activities, you too can continue the legacy of those who dreamed of the country we all celebrate today.

Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are names, state for which they served, and rank of service for ancestors of the Martha Ibbetson Chapter members. This list includes patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. Please contact us for more information.

Rank Legend

CAPT Captain
CS Civil Service
ENS Ensign
LT Lieutenant
LTC Lieutenant Colonel
PS Patriotic Service
PVT Private
QM Quartermaster
SGT Sergeant
SOL Soldier

Baker, Charles, Jr., MD, Capt, PS
Bascom, Elisha, MA, Lt
Baucom, John, Sr., NC, PS
Biggs, William, NJ, Lt
Blakemore, VA, Sol
Bone, William, NC, Sol
Bouch, Henry NY, Sol
Brashear, Samuel, NC, Pvt
Breese, Azeriah, NJ, Sol
Bridgman, Gideon, NH & CT, Pvt
Brown, Adam, PA, Pvt
Buffington, Benjamin, PA, Pvt, CS, PS
Burruss, Charles, VA, Sol
Caldwell, Joseph, NY, Lt Col
Caldwell, William, MA, CS
Clements, Roger, NC, Pvt
Cooper, John, NJ, Pvt
Crispell, NY, Sol
Douglas, Edward, Sr., NC, PS
Durbin, Christopher, MD, PS
Durham, Michael, NY, Pvt
Edes, Thomas, MA, QMSgt
Eldredge, Daniel, CT, Lt
Ellison, Robert, VA, Pvt
Erskine, Thomas, PA, Capt
Fairbanks, Joshua, MA, Lt
Ferry, Jacob, PA, Pvt
Flathers, Edward, VA, Pvt
Freer, Simon, NY, PS
Hadden, Anthony, VA, Capt
Hancock, Major, VA, Ens, PS
Harding, Wilmoth George, VA, PS

Harlan, John, Sr., MD, PS
Herring, Benjamin, Sr., MA, CS
Hinds, Henry, VA, PS
Hunter, James, PA, Capt
Jordan, Mark, PA, Pvt
Knight, Charles, VA, PS
Landon, Daniel, Jr., CT, Pvt
LaRue, Isaac, VA, PS
Lightner, Nathaniel, PA, PS
McGee, Thomas, MA, CS, PS
McVity, Cromwell, PA, Pvt
Noland, James, VA, Pvt
Nutter, Matthew, VA, PS
Paine, Matthew, Sr., VA, Pvt
Parker, Joseph, VA, Pvt
Plumb, Henry, CT, Sol
Poulson, Jasper, DE, Pvt
Prescott, Jedediah, NH, PS
Rhodes, Daniel, PA, Pvt
Rigdon, James, MD, Pvt
Rumsey, Jeremiah, CT, Pvt
Slaughter, Isaac, NY, Pvt
Spangler, Henry, PA, Pvt, PS
Springfield, Laodicea Dicey Langston, SC, PS
Stevens, Elisha, NY, Pvt
Sutton, Benjamin, Jr., PA, Pvt
Thompson, William, PA, Pvt
Walden, Ebenezer, MA, Pvt, DrM
Westervelt, Jacobus, NY, Pvt
Wheeler, John, MA, Dr
Worcester, Asa, VT, Sgt
Workman, Joseph, MD, Pvt, PS

Supporting Veterans

Our members help veterans in our area by making comfort items for Hines VA Hospital in Maywood, Illinois. We also send snack foods, candies, personal care items and magazines to active service men and women through Packages 4 Patriots in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Making Blankets
Packing for Veterans

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