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Chapter History

Organizing Regent Mrs. Charles V. Hickox Kate J. Chatterton Hickox (Mrs. Charles V.) was the Organizing Regent of the Springfield Chapter. Mrs. Hickox called together a group of eligible women to meet with her on June 14, 1894, to celebrate the adoption of the American Flag. She was accepted as a DAR member on February 2, 1894, and was the 1907-1909 Illinois State Regent. Her patriot was Abraham Yates (NY.)

Mrs. Hickox was born in Springfield, Illinois, October 30, 1855. Her parents, George W. and Sarah Chatterton, were pioneer residents of Springfield, arriving in 1834. Mr. Chatterton was one of the first jewelers in the city and is generally credited with having started the first theater. In 1881, she married Charles V. Hickox. Several of Mrs. Hickox's relatives became members of Springfield Chapter.

Organizing Regent Kate Chatterton Hickox's gravestone

Kate Chatterton Hickox died March 23, 1926 and is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery Block 10, Lot 168, Springfield, Illinois. The Daughters of the American Revolution insignia is placed on the side of her stone. Click on the photo for a larger image. The DAR Insignia is embedded in the footstone.

The twenty-four Charter Members chose Springfield as the chapter name, considering it fitting that this new chapter should be known by one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities of the middle west, and one rich in historic sentiment.


images/Marker Lincoln Depot June 15 1915

On June 15, 1915, Springfield Chapter unveiled a marker in front of the Great Western Railroad, the site where Abraham Lincoln bade farewell to his beloved Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln gave an emotional farewell on February 11, 1861, before he boarded the train taking him to Washington, DC, to be inaugurated President of the United States, a nation on the brink of Civil War.
Photo courtesy of the State Journal Register  

Organizing Charter Officers & Patriot Ancestors

Regent Kate J. Chatterton Hickox (Mrs. Charles V.) Abraham Yates (NY)
Secretary Miss Georgie Hortense Edwards Captain James Black (NY)
Registrar Ellen Huntington Henkle (Mrs. Thomas C.) Capt. Elijah Clayers (MA); Eliphalet Huntington (CT); 2nd Lieutenant Ebenezer Lothrop Jr. (MA); Captain Ebenezer Lothrop Sr. (MA); Private Fortunatus Nichols (MA)
Historian Miss Mary Remann Captain James Black (NY)
Treasurer Annie Louise Black Stericker (Mrs George F.) Captain James Black (NY)

Organizing Charter Members & Patriot Ancestors

Miss Mary Emily Brooks Colonel Ebenezer Learned (MA)
Elizabeth Owsley Brown Ide (Mrs Frank) William Bartlett (MA);
Colonel Henry Herrick (MA)
Katherine Hay Brown (Mrs. Stuart)

Lieutenant Colonel John Logan (VA)

Ida Jane Carey Burns (Mrs. James C.) Private John Daley (MA)
Private Lewis Daley (MA)
Private Ebenezer Dickerman (MA)
Private Manasseh Dickerman (MA)
Private Nehemiah Howard (MA)
Miss Josephine Preston Cleveland Charles Dake Sr. (NY)
Private Charles Dake Jr. (NY)
Caleb Sherman (NY)
William Wait (NY)
Clara Huntington Dods (Mrs. John C.)

Private Eliphalet Huntington (CT)
Sarah Clayes (MA)
Daniel Forbes Sr. (MA)
2nd Lieutenant Ebenezer Lothrop, Jr. (CT)
Captain Ebenezer Lothrop Sr. (CT)

Josephine Remann Edwards (Mrs. Albert S.) Captain James Black (NY)
Lieutenant Isaac Fuller (MA)
Miss Amaryllis Gillett Captain Zaccheus Gillette Sr. (CT)
Captain Benoni Gillett(CT)
Miss Florence Griswold

Private Peter Robinson (MA)

Jane M. Ridgley Jones (Mrs. James T.) Eliphalet Huntington (CT)
Miss Savillah Hinrichsen John Wyatt (VA)
Caroline Maria Beers (Mrs. Andrew) Orderly Sergeant Zachariah Beers (CT)
Miss Mary Lewis Lieutenant Colonel Robert Smith (PA)
Alice Huntington Knap (Mrs. Thomas) Captain Elijah Clayers (MA)
Daniel Forbes (MA)
Eliphalet Huntington (CT)
2nd Lieutenant Ebenezer Lothrop Jr. (CT)
Captain Ebenezer Lothrop, Sr. (CT)
Mary L Crawford Paddock (Mrs. James H.) Captain John Crawford (MA)
Miss Frances Elizabeth Yates Lieutenant Colonel William Yates (VA)
Miss Grace Eliska Yates Lieutenant Colonel William Yates (VA)
Miss Julia Stith Yates Lieutenant Colonel William Yates (VA)
Louise Broadwell Hickox (Mrs. Harris)
Major Joseph Lindley (NJ)
Annie Louise Black Stericker (Mrs. George F.)

Former Chapter Regents

1894-1899 *Kate J. Chatterton Hickox 1953-1955 *E. Faith Kennedy Morgan
1899-1900 *Harriet Rumsey Taylor 1955-1957 *Florence Sawyer Robert
1900-1902 *Jane M. Ridgely Barrett 1957-1959 *Doris M. Grant Vancil
1902-1904 *Harriet J. Weeks Walker 1959-1961 *Mary Jane Brittin Bell
1904-1905 *Ellen Huntington Henkle (Mrs. Thomas C.)
1961-1963 *Mildred Stitt Riggins
1905-1907 *Kate J. Chatterton Hickox 1963-1965 *Monte Miller Morgan
1907-1908 *Eleanor Washington Frazee 1965-1967 *Eloise Strubinger Springer
1908-1909 *Harriet J. Weeks Walker 1967-1969 *Helen Searacy Sweet
1909-1911 *Mary Stuart Hall 1969-1971 *Ruth Long Long
1911-1913 *Mary Crawford Paddock 1971-1973 *Margaret King Burns
1913-1914 *Alma Colville Bender 1973-1977 *Aleda Mae Keech
1914-1915 *Nellie W. Doyle 1977-1979 *Louise Bainbridge Nantz
1915-1916 *Gertrude Garland Reece 1979-1983 *Julianne Riggins Thomas
1916-1918 *Pearl Palmer Ettinger 1983-1985 *Mary Louise Gross
1918-1920 *Emma W. King 1985-1987 *Louise Long Little
1920-1922 *Ella B. Boston Leib 1987-1989 Paula Smith Myers
1922-1924 *Mary F. Searcy 1989-1991 *Shirley Smith Tick
1924-1926 *Adah G. Stone 1991-1993 Paula Smith Myers
1926-1927 *Lelia Avery Rothenburger 1993-1997 Mary K. Sullivan Davis
1927-1928 *Eleanor F. Rawlings 1997-1998 Velma Neal (Bailey) Goulet
1928-1930 *Grace L. Jones Chittenden 1998-1999 *Jacqueline L. Darrough Wright
1930-1931 *Olive Courson Lockie 1999-2001 Shirley Bartlett Davison
1931-1932 *Grace Mauck Quinlan 2001-2003 *Jean Hannah Mann Metcalf
1932-1934 *Niana Converse Davis 2003-2005 Martha Jean Bradley
1934-1935 *Alice Helmel 2005-2007
Nancy Fee Enright
1935-1937 *Augusta S. Oglesby 2007-2009 *Wauline A. McKiniry Quick
1937-1939 *Helena Jones Tobin
2009-2011 Martha Jean Bradley
1939-1941 *Nellie Meers Bradley 2011-2013 Patricia Hopkins Price
1941-1943 *Helen L. Allen 2013-2015 Beverly Ann Rosa Dillon
1943-1945 *Luta Hopkins Abels 2015-2017 Susan Hurley Beard
1945-1947 *Mildred O'Hair Elberle 2017-2017 *Katherine Lee Butchek James
1947-1949 *Margaret Watson Cooke 2017-2019
Betsy Donithan Weidner
1949-1951 *Carrie Noble Decker 2019-2021 Susan Wigginton Meister
1951-1953 *Helen E. Amspacher Gross 2021-2023
Susan Wigginton Meister

* Indicates deceased.

We regret that we cannot provide lineage information. The information on this page cannot be used as proof of service or lineage for purposes of joining DAR. For membership inquiries, please contact our Membership contact: Linda Baker or fill out the Prospective Membership Information Request form on the NSDAR website located at http://services.dar.org/dar/darnet/pmd/prospective.cfm

Background courtesy of Margaret Bates

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