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dar at robinson stewart

(Members at the Robinson Stewart house museum in Carmi)


(Cindy, Sue Ellen, Dorotha,  Marge and Rose at fall 2009 district meeting)

christmas festival

(Rose, Marge and Juanita at the DAR festival of trees)


(Betty Ruth, Marge, Juanita and Cindy at Mule Day in Enfield)


(Dorotha, Cindy, Sue Ellen, Rose and Barbara at DAR days)


(Nancy, Cindy, Dorothy & Betty Ruth at 2008 Christmas meeting)


(Marjorie and Barbara, who have both served as district directors)


(Barbara, Sue Ellen, Marge, Cindy, Dorotha and Rose at the fall 2010 district meeting.)


Norris City veteran Janet Mileham represents the chapter at the "Honoring Women Veterans" parade June 18, 2011.

janet tammy

Janet with Major Tammy Duckworth, now a U.S. Senator, model for the Illinois Women's Veterans Memorial and Iraqi war veteran.

marge rose

Marge Brown and Rose Norris represent Wabash Chapter at the "Honoring Women Veterans" parade June 18, 2011.


Back row: Cindy, Rose, Sue Ellen. Front row: Donna Lutes, Barb, Dixie Vaught and Barb at the new officer luncheon
in July 2011 in Springfield. Donna and Dixie live in the Springfield area and are the daughters of  former
member Darcy Huffer.

barb cindy

Barb Karger and Cindy Birk Conley at the 2012 Stroll in Time sponsored by the White County Historical Society. They were part of the Ladies Aid Society in 1865.



In 2013 Regent Debbie Hoskins presented former White County Historical Society President Marge Fechtig with the DAR Community Service Award for for many contributions to local history.



2015-17 Officers Barb, Cindy, Regent Debbie, and Dorotha with District Director Sharon Pyle and Wabash member and IL DAR Chaplain Sue at the September 3, 2015 meeting.


oct 25 2016

Regents Debbie of Wabash and Kathy of Michael Hillegas with Illinois State Regent Sharon Frizzell, wearing sash, in October 2016.


2017 Constitution Week Proclamation with Carmi Mayor Jeff Pollard.


Members with 2017-18 award winner Ms.Chitwood.


Members with Carmi Mayor Jeff Pollard at the 2018 Constitution Week Proclamation.



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