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Don Winkleman portrays patriot William Stewart at the 2010 cemetery walk sponsored by the White County Historical Society and Carmi League of Arts

If you are related to these men and women we would love to have you join us, or use us as a resource -- DAR has great family history information available! These men and women served in the military during the revolution or assisted in the fight for independence. Any woman age 18 or older who can prove a lineal, blood relationship with a revolutionary war patriot is eligible for membership in our chapter or any DAR chapter. As you can see, some patriots do not have a spouse listed or just a first name. While you have to prove your relationship in each generation, DAR recognizes the limitations of 200 year old records, and will help with your paperwork. Barbara Karger ( is our registrar, a genealogical guru.


Abbott, James, NH/Mehitable Hidden

Akers, Thomas, VA/Mary

Bidwell, Daniel, NY/Rachel Drake

Cain, John, VA/Celia Marby

Cash, Warren, VA/Susana Basket 

Clark, Robert, NJ/Elizabeth Morse

Connor, Lawrence,VA/Margaret Blane

Cross, Zachariah, NC/Easter Hetty Johnson

DeHart, Hannah, VA/Simon

Dowd, Connor, NC/Hannah Graves

Drake, AlbrittainNC/Ruth Collins

Endicott, Moses, NC/Martha Hill

Ewing, Henry, VA/Jane Rodgers

French, Jacob, MA/Olive White

Garrison, James, PA/Esther Roberts

Goss, Abraham, PA/Elizabeth

Griffith, Sr., Henry, MD/Ruth Hammond

Hale, Thomas, VA/Nancy Wood

Hamilton, Thomas, NC

Harrell, Joel, NC,VA/Arcadia Smith

Harrell, Joel, NC/Elizabeth (Betsy) Shoulders

Hinde, Thomas, VA/Mary Todd Hubbard

Hughes, Christopher, PA/ Jean Hines

Hunt, William, VA/Mary

Johnson, Arthur, VA/Lucy Harmon 



Jones Jr., John, MD/Hester Rutter
Jones, Sr., John, MD/Hannah Wooley
Kendrick, John, VA/Amy Fox
Kibler, Henry, VA/Mary
Leathers, John, VA/Ann
McCallister, Edward, VA/Mary
McClary, Robert, SC/Mary Cameron
Morton, James, VA/Catherine Wells
Nelson, Robert, NC/Mary Jane
Patrick, John, VA/Sarah Allen
Patrick, John, VA/Sarah Allen Kendrick
Pomeroy, Thomas, PA/Mary Graham
Price, Thomas, VA/ Sarah Jane Mosley
Proctor, Little Page, VA/Sarah Bates
Robinson, George, PA/Ann Wiley
Shull, Peter, PA/Anna Dorothea
Slover, Abraham, PA/Martha Anderson
Taylor, Joshua, NC/Hannah Steele
Tuck, Edward, VA/Nancy Winfry
Vaught, John, PA/Elizabeth Martin
Walker, Robert, MD
Westmoreland, Robert, VA/Martha
Westmoreland, Robert, VA/Mary (Polly)

Williams, Edward, MD/Betsey Ross

Millspaugh, John, NY/Agnes Rogers


A marker for the grave of patriot Joel Harrell who died in Enfield. As you can see, our members descend from patriots who served from and in all the states. Members typically join their closest chapter, but may wish to affiliate with organizations with historic conntections to their families. I note that we have one female patriot, Hannah DeHart or De Hart, who provided supplies during the revolution in Botetourt County, VA. It looks like she applied for repayment in 1785. We don't seem to have a proven birth name for her, but her husband was Simon DeHart or De Hart.

DAR members feel a connection to the men and women whose final resting place is in their geographical area and mark and preserve their graves. However, DAR supports all veterans through our support of VA hospitals and rehab centers, honor flight programs, and work with American Legion and VFW posts.

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