Ann Crooker St. Clair Chapter NSDAR

Effingham, Illinois

Our Patriots

Each member of the Ann Crooker St. Claire Chapter NSDAR is proud of the direct lineage connecting her to a patriot who aided the cause of the American Revolutionary War through military, civil, or patriotic service. Our patriot ancestors sacrificed their lives and fortunes to fight for the freedoms that we enjoy today. We honor their legacy through our membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

If you think you have a patriot ancestor, you can search the DAR Ancestor Database to see if he or she has already been acknowledged as a DAR patriot ancestor. The database includes information taken from verified DAR membership applications and is not a comprehensive list of all who served in the Revolutionary War. New patriots are added as they are proven through DAR membership applications.

If you need help researching your patriot ancestor or have any questions, contact us for more information!

Capt Captain
Col Colonel
Cpl Corporal
CS Civil Service
Drm Drummer
Ens Ensign
1Lt First Lieutenant
Lt Lieutenant
LCol Lieutenant Colonel
Maj Major
Noncom Non-commissioned
Pvt Private
PS Patriotic Service
Sol Solider
Sgt Sergeant
SurGen Surgeon General
Patriot Rank State
Abrahams, Henry Lt PA
Alexander, John Pvt PA
Allen, Isaac Pvt VA
Armantrout, Peter PS VA
Banning, Benoni Pvt VA
Batchelder, Mark Pvt MA
Battle, Elisha CS PS NC
Beck, Paul CS VA
Bennett, Joseph Sol VA
Bird, John Pvt VA
Boone, Jeremiah Pvt VA
Brockett, William Capt SC
Budd, William Pvt NJ
Buford, James Capt VA
Burnett, William SurGen NJ
Cardinal, Nicholas Joseph Capt PS VA
Carter, Henry Pvt VA
Chaffin, Francis Cpl MA
Clark, James Pvt VA
Cleveland, Squire Pvt CT
Coleman, Timothy Lt NY
Cowart, Reuben Travis Pvt CS PS VA
Coy, William Pvt MD
Crafts, Achilles Pvt NC
Craig, Mary Polly (Hawkins) PS VA
Crews, Gideon PS NC
Crews, James Pvt VA
Darby, George PS MD
De Long, Johann Frederick Sol PA
Earnest, Felix Ens NC
Elam, Alexander Pvt VA
Ferrill, James Pvt VA
Fisher, John Pvt NC, SC
Fockler, George Pvt PA
Franklin, John PS NC
Fulbright, John William PS NC
Funk, John Sol VA
Gebhart, Valentine Pvt PA
Gilliland, William LCol PA
Goodknight, Michael CS NC
Gosnell, Benjamin Pvt VA
Griggs, Jesse PS VA
Gwinn, Joseph 1Lt CS VA
Gwinn, Robert PS VA
Gwinnup, George Sgt NJ
Harper, John CS PS VA
Hatton, William Pvt VA
Hatler, Sebastion CS VA
Helphenstine, Peter Maj VA
Helphenstine, Philip Pvt VA
Henry, John Pvt VA
Hunter, Joseph PS NC
Hutchison, William Pvt VA
Hutton, Moses Col VA
Ingraham, Andrew Pvt VA
Justice, John, Jr. Sol NC
Patriot Rank State
Kerr/Kurr, Thomas, Sr. PS PA
Kintzer, Nicholas PS PA
Lair, Mathias, Sr. PS VA
Lindsey, Anthony Lt PS MD
Lindsey, William Pvt PA
Link, John Adam, Jr. Ens MD
Link, John Adam, Sr. PS MD
Logsdon, John PS MD
Logsdon, Ralph PS MD
Mason, William PS VA
Mccandless, William, Jr. Pvt PA
Mckamy, James Pvt VA
Mclean, Henry Pvt VA
Miller, Mark Pvt VA
Montgomery, Samuel PS VA
Muirheid, Andrew PS VA
Murray, Nathan Pvt NC
Newman, Edmund Sgt VA
Noland, James Capt VA, NC
Norris, Thomas PS MD
Ogle, Hercules Sol PS VA
Paine, Charles Pvt VA, NC
Parker, John Pvt VA
Percival, Timothy Capt CS CT
Peters, Tunis PS VA
Pierce, Moses PS NC
Pinkstaff, Andrew Pvt VA
Pontius, George Pvt PA
Porter, Samuel Pvt PS VA
Pridmore, Theodore Noncom PA
Rape, Gustavus Pvt SC
Rogers, Rhodam Pvt VA
Root, Martin, Jr. Pvt MA
Roy, Thomas Lt VA
Royall, Thomas Pvt PA
Schnabel, Andrew PS PA
Seamster, John Pvt VA
Seifert, Johann Michael Sol PA
Slusser, Philip Cpl PA
Smith, Philip, Sr. PS PA
Stevens, Simon Maj VT
Stewart, William Sol VA
Storm, John Pvt VA
Taylor, Richard LCol VA
Tennant, Richard Noncom PA, VA
Torrence, Hugh, Sr. PS PA
Utley, William, Sr. CS NC
Van Woert, Isaac Sol NY
Westall, George Drm VA
Whitfield, William, Jr. CS PS NC
Wilson, Joseph Pvt PS VA
Womack, Abner Pvt NC
Wright, Jarrett Cpl VA
Wright, William Pvt NC
York, Jeremiah Pvt PA

Do you have a Revolutionary Patriot in your family tree?

To become a member, a woman must be at least 18 years old and be able to prove blood descent from a person who rendered patriotic service during the American Revolution. Membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) honors and preserves the legacy of your Patriot ancestor. Your ancestor did not have to fight in the American Revolution for you to be eligible. Perhaps he/she provided food or shelter for the troops or was a citizen who signed an oath of allegiance to the new country. Many contributions are acceptable.

To begin your journey, start with what you know.

American Revolutionary War Patriots