Ansel Brainerd Cook Chapter, NSDAR

Libertyville, Illinois

Our Patriot Ancestors


Bacon, Nathaniel (PS)
Buck, Samuel (Pvt)
Castle, Joel (Pvt)
Coleman, Ebenezer (PS)
Curtis, Jesse (Maj)
Graham, Jesse (NC)
Harding, Stephen (Capt, CS)
Hinman, Josiah (Pvt, PS)
Hollister, Ashbel (Pvt, PS)
Huntington, Barnabas Sr. (PS)
Huntley, James (Capt)
Johnson, Obediah (Col)
Jones, Asa (Sgt, PS)*
Loomis, Daniel (Pvt, PS)
Mead, Ebenezer (Pvt)
Peck, Samuel (PS)
Ranney, Stephen, Sr. (Cpl)
Sherman, Roger (CS, PS, SDI)
Squire, Daniel (Pvt)
Tracy, Calvin (Sgt)
Wadsworth, Asahel (CS, PS)
Wells, Isaac (Cpl)
Whitford, Joshua (Ens)
Witter, Elijah (Ens, PS)


Ragland, Benjamin (CS, PS)


Atwood, John (Pvt)
Bannister, Solomon (Sgt)
Benjamin, Selahn Bernard (Pvt)
Cox, William (Pvt)
Dean, Thomas (PS)
Everson, Levi (Pvt)
Falley, Richard (Lt)
Foster, Simeon (Pvt)*
Fowler, Ebenezer Sr. (Pvt)
Gilbert, Elias (Cpl)
Josselyn, Abraham (Pvt)
Knox, James (Sgt, PS)
Luce, Rowland (Smn)
Mann, Ariel (Sgt)
Maynard, Amasa (Sgt)
Newton, Solomon (Pvt)
Nichols, Adam (Pvt)*
Noble, Matthew (Lt)
Oakes, Seth (Capt)
Page, Timothy Sr. (Col, CS, PS)
Peck, Thomas Sweeting (Pvt)
Perkins, John (Pvt)
Phipps, Elijah (Pvt)
Phipps, Samuel (Pvt)
Rice, Seth (Lt)
Taylor, Adonoijah Sr. (Lt)
Thayer, Hezekiah (Cpl)
Wentworth, Benjamin (Pvt)
Willcutt, Jesse Jr. (Sgt)


Baggerly, Henry (Pvt)
Beall, Zephaniah (Maj, PS)*
Clabaugh, Martin (Pvt)
Davis, Levi (Pvt)
Staples, John (Sgt)
Winters, George (Sol, PS)


Bailey, Timothy (Ens)
Bartlett, Thomas (Sgt)
Corser, Samuel (Cpl, PS)
Davis, Silas (Pvt)
Kimball, Moses (NC)
Ladd, Trueworthy (Pvt)
Proctor, Moses (Pvt)
Tarbell, Nathaniel (Pvt)
Tarbell, Thomas Sr. (CS)
Woodcock, Nathan (PS)
Woodmann, Jonathan (PS)


Earle, John (PS)
Hart, John (PS, SDI)
Hart, Titus (Pvt)
Headley, Joseph (Pvt)
Mershon, Andrew (PS)
Piatt, William (Capt)
Whitaker, Jonathan Jr. (Sgt, PS)
White, Samuel (PS)


Brown, Benajah (PS)
Casler, Jacob (Pvt)
Casler, Richard (Pvt)
Diefendorf, John Jacob (NC)
Dunkel, Nicholas (Cpl)
Eckler, Peter (Pvt)
Hiltz, George Nicholas (Pvt)
Hiltz, Nicholas (Pvt)
Knickerbocker, Philip (Ens)
Lyon, David (Lt, CS)
Lyon, Thomas (Pvt)
Timmerman, David (Cpl)
Timmerman, Henry (Pvt)


Burnside, Walter (Pvt)
Diggs, Robert (PS)
Ford, John (CS, PS)
Garrison, James (Pvt)
Green, Jarvis (Pvt)*
Grier, Aquilla (PS)
Grier, John (CS, PS)
Gulick, John (PS)
Knight, Thomas (PS)
Lawrence, John (Sol)
Low, William (Pvt)
Shearer, Jacob (PS)
Thomas, Isaac (PS)
Whiteside, Thomas (PS)


Benjamin, Jonathan (Pvt)
Biggs, Alexander (Pt, PS)*
Butler, William (Pvt)
Close, John (PS)
Covalt, Abraham (Capt)
Culver, Charles (Pvt)
Culfman, Daniel (Pvt, PS)
Drake, Samuel (Capt)
Erb, Jacob (PS)
Getz, John Nicholas (PS)
Gill, William (Pvt)
Hahn, Frederick (Pvt)
Keeper, John (Pvt)
Kneyer, Leonard (Sol)
Longstreth, Philip (Capt)
Mays, Thomas (Pvt)
Miner, Jacob (PS)
Mortimer, John (Pvt)
Otto, Bodo Sr. (Staff Of, PS)
Overmyer, John George Sr. (Capt)
Peele, Charles Wilson Sr. (Capt)
Poorman, Jacob (Pvt, PS)
Ringle, Mathias (Ens, PS)
Sailor, Jacob (Ens)
Schock, John (Pvt)
Schock, Philip (Pvt)
Shellenberger, Christian (Pvt)
Sinclair, Arthur (MGEN)
Stark, Daniel (Sgt)
Tinsman, Adam (PS)
Van Fleet, Charrick (Pvt)
Van Fleet, Joseph (QMSGT)
Wampler, George Hans (Pvt)
Winter, Christopher (Pvt)


Chase, Benjamin (Cpl)
Comstock, Jonathan (CS, PS)


Hollingsworth, Joseph (PS)
Holloway, Reuben (Pvt)
Mackey, William (Sol)
McCown, John (Staff Of, PS)
Mitchell, Nimrod (Lt, PS)
Palmer, John (CS)
Ridgeway, John Sr. (Capt)
Summerall, Jesse (PS)
Wood, Lott (Pvt)


Biddlecome, Daniel (Pvt)
Biddlecome, Richard (Pvt)
Brooks, Eleazar (Pvt)
Perry, Jabez (Lt)
Tuttle, Solomon (Pvt, PS)


Bartlett, William (Sgt)
Carlock, Hanchrist (Pvt)
Coleman, Robert E. (Pvt)
Dickinson, Henry (Lt)
Dobbs, Chesley (Pvt)*
Fullenwider, Peter (PS)
Hurst, John (Sol, PS)
Mann, Benjamin (Pvt)
Massey, Thomas (Pvt)
McCoy, William (Pvt)
Miller, John (PS)
Miller, Mary Heath (PS)
Nichols, Mary Vaughan (PS)
Owen, John (PS)
Owen, William (PS)
Pace, Joel (Pvt)
Pace, Robert (Pvt)
Pigg, John (PS)
Prosser, Otey (Pvt, PS)
Rice, Randolph (Pvt)
Riser, Michael (NC)
Rorebaugh, John (PS)
Scott, William (Lt, CS)
Simpson, William (Pvt)
Smithers, William (Pvt)
Taylor, Simon (CS, PS)
Tillson, William (PS)
Tune, Travis (PS)
Ware, John (Cpt, PS)
Wells, Zachariah (Sgt, PS)
Wetsel, Daniel (Cpl)


Chartier, Theodore (Sol)

 * Patriot with service in other states.

Can We Add Your Patriot's Name to our List?

We invite you to take a look at the names of  the patriots belonging to our chapter members. Do you see a familiar name? Your ancestor did not have to fight to be considered a patriot. There were many ways of contributing to the cause, including public service and contributing food, clothing, shelter and other items for the troops. Perhaps one of your ancestors was a woman who constructed uniforms or flags?  The DAR has a searchable database containing information on proven patriots and descendants of past and present DAR members. You can look for your own patriot on the DAR Genealogical Research System.

We would love to add his or her name to our list and have you as a member of our chapter.