Our Motto

"God, Home, and Country"

welcome to the Daniel Chapman Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.  We are proud to say that patriotism is in our blood - literally!  

Every member of our chapter can and has proven her lineage back to a patriot of the American Revolution. Some of our patriots were soldiers. Others provided food or other essentials for the troops.  There are many other ways a man or woman would qualify as a patriot.
 Membership in the DAR is very rewarding. To become a member, a woman must be at least 18 years old and be able to prove blood descent from a person who rendered patriotic service during the American Revolution. If you think you are eligible, come to one of our meetings or contact one of our officers. Many of our members are willing to help you find ways to document your lineage. You can read more about membership requirements and download a worksheet here.

As a group we are committed to historic preservation, education, and promoting patriotism. 

Daniel Chapman Chapter's participating counties are Pope, Union, Johnson, Pulaski, and Alexander.  Our chapter is made up of enthusiastic ladies of all ages, backgrounds, and talents.  We'd love to have you join us. Won't you consider coming to one of our meetings? Our registrar can provide you the time and date.  Our chapter officers will be happy to answer any questions concerning membership:
Regent Doda Starkey
Vice Regent Julia Mowery
Chaplain Carol Palmer
Corresponding Secretary Melodie Penrod
Cara Webb
Treasurer Susan Whitemountain
Registrar Loudene Lemme
Historian Dr. Norma Hackney
Librarian Catherine Warmack

Photos:  Cannon on Johnson County Court House lawn; Johnson County Court House;
May Chapman home (first chapter regent), all in Vienna, Illinois.


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