Daniel Chapman Chapter, NSDAR

Vienna, Illinois


Chapter Patriots

Listed below are names and state of service for ancestors of the Daniel Chapman Chapter, NSDAR, members. This list includes Patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. (Please note that the information below does not constitute proof of lineage.)

John Albriton, SC ~ Spouse: Mary Manley
John Arthur, VA ~ Spouse: Elizabeth Adams

Robert Barkley, NC ~ Spouse: Eleanor Cathey
Bazil Billingsley, NC ~ Spouse: Ruth Smithson
James Bishop, SC ~ Spouse: Martha Carter
Nicholas Bishop, Sr., SC ~ Spouse: Hannah Bracken
William Bizzell, NC ~ Spouse: Hannah X
Martha Green Bracken, PA ~ Spouse: Thomas Bracken
James Brock, NC ~ Spouse: Mildred Bond
Mark Brooks, NC ~ Spouse: Fannie Harris

William Call, NC ~ Spouse: Catherine X
James Campbell, NC ~ Spouse: Jane Sample
Thomas Carr, VA ~ Spouse: Ann Sanders
Hannah Roman Carter, SC ~ Spouse: Jacob Carter
Jacob Carter, SC ~ Spouse: Hannah Roman
Jonathan Cass, NH ~ Spouse: Mary Gilman
Daniel Chapman, NY ~ Spouse: Lucretia Finch
Solomon Choate, MA ~ Spouse: Dorothy "Dollie" Proctor
George Clapp, NC ~ Spouse: Elizabeth Albright
John Philip Clapp, NC ~ Spouse: Barbara X
Meredith Collins, VA ~ Spouse: Polly Holloway
Joseph Crain, PA ~ Spouse: Mary Moore

John Damron, VA ~ Spouse: Cynthia Thompson
Elijah Duncan, NC ~ Spouse: Cate X
George Duncan, VA ~ Spouse: Ann Hall

James Eagon, PA ~ Spouse: XX

Absalom Franklin, VA & GA ~ Spouse: Margaret Gullet

John Gaither, MD ~ Spouse: Ann Jacobs
Theophilus Gilman, NH ~ Spouse: Deborah Webster
James Green, NC ~ Spouse: Sarah Hix

William Hall, Sr., PA ~ Spouse: Sarah X
George Hartline, Sr., PA ~ Spouse: Christina Boehm
John George Hartline, Sr., NC ~ Spouse: XX
Jacob Harvick, NC ~ Spouse: Catherine X
Jacob Hileman, PA ~ Spouse: Eva Rumbold
Levi House, VA ~ Spouse: Sarah Pressley
James Howell, VA ~ Spouse: Martha Denny

Thomas James, PA ~ Spouse: Sarah Clark
Robert Johnson, VA ~ Spouse: Rachel Burnett

Thomas Kelsey, PA ~ Spouse: XX
Henry Kerley, NC ~ Spouse:

Betty Page Lee, VA ~ Spouse: John Lee
Nathan Lewis, NC ~ Spouse: XX
Robert Lewis, NC ~ Spouse: Mary Franes Lewis

Daniel Mashburn, NC ~ Spouse: Elizabeth Rhodes
Luke Mathney, VA ~ Spouse: Elender Orr
Charles McAnelly, NC ~ Spouse: Ruhamah Mercy Houston
Peter Meisenheimer, NC ~ Spouse: Mary Magdelina Cline
Samuel Morrow, Sr., SC ~ Spouse: XX
William Morrow, SC ~ Spouse: Susannah Kelso
Joseph Morton, VA ~ Spouse: Agnes Woodson Norton

Joseph Pinson, NC ~ Spouse: XX
Ebenezer Porter, MA ~ Spouse: Lydia Cummings

John Rendleman, NC ~ Spouse: XX
Louis Robert, LA ~ Spouse: Mary Frances Lewis
Henry Rule, VA ~ Spouse: Catherine X

Jacob Daniel Shearer, NC ~ Spouse: Sophia Hannah Dick
Christian Shuman, PA ~ Spouse: XX
Arehart Simmerman, VA ~ Spouse: XX
David Spence, PA ~ Spouse: XX
Jonathan Stamper, NC ~ Spouse: Rachel X
Benjamin Stoddert, PA ~ Spouse: Rebecca Lowdness

Thomas Terry, NC ~ Spouse: Nancy Champion
William Toler, NC ~ Spouse: Ann Parker
Travis Tune, VA ~ Spuse: Millie Daniel

Richard Veach, MD ~ Spouse: Sary X

William Waters, MD ~ Spouse: Sarah Haywood
Hezekiah West, SC ~ Spouse: Prescilla Osborn
Jordan Williford, VA ~ Spouse: Charity Holloman

James Young, SC ~ Spouse: Mary Thompson

Do You Have a Revolutionary War Patriot in Your Family Tree?

Membership in the DAR is very rewarding. To become a member, a woman must be at least 18 years old and be able to prove blood descent from a person who rendered patriotic service during the American Revolution. Many think this must be someone who fought, but there are many other ways a man or woman would qualify as a Patriot. The Revolutionary War lasted for eight long years, beginning with the battle between British troops and local Massachusetts militia at Lexington and Concord, and ending with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783. If your family tree in America stretches back to this time period, it is likely you can claim descendancy from at least one ancestor who had some type of service related to the Revolutionary War effort. Contact our chapter regent or registrar.

The DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) is a free resource provided by the DAR and is a great way to start your research.

Click here to search for your own Patriot. Search the GRS.
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