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Our chapter proudly bears the name of Daniel H. Brush, considered one of the founders of Carbondale, Illinois.  

In August 1852, Daniel Harmon Brush, John Asgill Conner, and Dr. William Richart bought 360 acres of land along the right-of-way for the Illinois Central Railroad with the intention of founding a new town. The inspiration for the town's name came from Brush's plans to develop coal-mining operations in the region. The first train came through the town on the main line north from Cairo (Illinois) on Independence Day, 1854. Daniel H. Brush, built the first Presbyterian house of worship in Carbondale, in 1858 and 1906. The congregation needed a new church to accommodate its increased and still increasing numbers; he was himself chairman of the building committee.

It has been written that following the attack by Confederate soldiers on Fort Sumter in April 1861, Brush carried an American flag to the Union House in Carbondale despite cries of "down with the flag" from many Southern sympathizers. He then summoned "all lovers of their country" to a meeting in support of the war. A few days later, Brush made a patriotic speech from atop his Carbondale store; and the following day, he joined 30 others and enlisted in the Union Army, forming the nucleus of the 18th Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Brush, then 48 and the oldest man in Company K, was elected as the captain. His unit was in the battle of Fort Donelson, where 60 men were killed and 140 wounded, including Colonel Michael K. Lawler. Brush, as the senior captain, took command of the regiment until he was wounded. Brush again took command when the colonel in charge was injured in the battle of Shiloh. He was promoted quickly to major, then lieutenant colonel, and was promoted to full colonel in March 1863. He resigned following the siege of Vicksburg and returned to life in Carbondale.  

Brush wrote in his autobiography, "My notion of duty is first to my God, second to my country, and next to my family."  

The Daniel H. Brush Chapter NSDAR was organized on January 24, 1963. State Regent, Mrs. Albert G. Peters, installed Mrs. Anthony Blass as our first regent. The chapter began with 18 members. Our last charter members passed away in 2008.  Currently, 47 years later, we have 103 members.

The spirit of the DAR is strong in the Daniel H. Brush Chapter NSDAR. We continue to fulfill the goals of the National Society through our dedication and hard work.

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