Our Patriot Ancestors

Chapter Members

Fort Payne Chapter, NSDAR, honors our American Revolutionary War Patriot ancestors that sacrificed their lives for liberty and independence. The names listed below are those of our patriots. By honoring our Patriot Ancestors we honor all American Patriots that heroically gained our freedom. Nothing is really ended until it is forgotten. Whatever is kept in memory still endures.

Capt Captain
Cpl Corporal
CS Civil Service
Ens Ensign
Lt Lieutenant
LCol Lieutenant Colonel
Maj Major
NonCom Non-Commisioned
PS Patriotic Service
Pvt Private
QM Quarter Marshall
Sgt Sergeant
Sol Soldier
StaffOf Staff Officer
X Unknown
Patriot Name Rank State Served Spouse
Barnabas Allen Pvt Massachusetts Amy Camp Perry
Thomas Alvord, Sr. Sgt Connecticut, New York Keziah Orvis, Hannah Byington Hart
Fenner Arnold Pvt Connecticut Hannah Turner
John Bailey Pvt Virginia Sarah Sally Mintor
Edmund Bemis Sgt Massachusetts Abigail Gilbert Nichols
Jacob G Bergen Lt, PS New Jersey Margaret Van Arsdale, Elizabeth Cowenhoven
Jeremiah Bingham Pvt Massachusetts Mary Ives
Crispin Blackfan PS, PS Pennsylvania Martha Davis
James Blythe CS, PS North Carolina Elizabeth King
Thomas Bond Lt Massachusetts Lydia Newton
Samuel Brown Sgt Pennsylvania Sarah X
Jeremiah Buell, Jr. Pvt Connecticut Dinah Kelsey, Jerusha X
Joseph Campbell CS Virginia Sarah Givens
Thomas Canby PS Pennsylvania Beulah Cary
Joseph Carley Pvt Massachusetts Sarah Washburn
Thomas Carney PS Virginia Mary Carroll
John Cessna Maj, CS, PS Pennsylvania Sarah Rose, Elizabeth Hall
Timothy Chapman Sgt Connecticut Avis Curtis
Josiah Chase Lt Massachusetts Hannah Grow
Mosby Childress Pvt Virginia Elizabeth Jeffries
Leodwick Clapp Pvt North Carolina Sophia Albright
John Clark Pvt New York Annatje Keerli, Hanna Carley
Barnabas Cole Pvt New York Sarah Alworth
Elisha Cole, Jr. Sol New York Charity Hazen
Moses Colton Pvt Massachusetts Hannah Hitchcock
Pain Converse, Jr. Capt, CS Connecticut Mary Lee
Nathaniel Cook Pvt Rhode Island Amey Whipple
Casper Coon PS South Carolina Anna Magdalena Meyer, Anna Barbara Ernst X, Anna Maria X
John Lewis Coon Sol South Carolina Mary Fannon
Joseph Crane Lt New Jersey Ruth Miller
John Creal PS Virginia Rosannah Dodson
John Dildine Pvt New Jersey Mary Rosecrants
John Doty Cpl Connecticut Eunice Adams, Mary Hinckley
Samuel Doty Ens Connecticut Mercy Doty
Martin Dreibelbis PS Pennsylvania Catherine Merkle
Timothy Dustin PS New Hampshire Eunice Nutting
Peter Dygert Maj, PS Pennsylvania Elizabeth X
Benjamin Eddins Pvt, PS South Carolina Judith Norris
Solomon Emmons Sgt Connecticut Sabra Canfield, Sarah Hart X
Adonijah Fenton Sgt Connecticut Drusilla Hinckley, Ann Marcy Fellows
Isaac Finch PS New York Ann X
Robert Fitzrandolph PS Pennsylvania Sarah Taylor, Jane X
Conrad Frank Pvt Pennsylvania Sarah Sally Ann Bowers
Samuel Gaylord Pvt Connecticut Azubah Atkins
Bernhard Giltner Pvt Pennsylvania Katherine Margaret Lichtenwalter
James Givens, Sr. PS Virginia Martha X
Henry Gorin Pvt Virginia Sarah Pell
Andre Guillebeau Sgt South Carolina Mary Jane Roquemore
Joseph Gwinn Pvt Pennsylvania Hester Esther Layton
Joshua Hadley PS North Carolina Ruth Lindley, Lydia Hiatt, Jane Henshaw
Jacob Haldeman, Sr. PS Pennsylvania Maria Miller
David Hall Col Delaware Catherine Tingley
Adam Hartman Pvt Pennsylvania Elizabeth X
Joel Hayes Lt Connecticut Rebecca Post
William Hedman Pvt Pennsylvania Anna Maria Losche Magdalina
Aaron Hibbard Cpl Connecticut Sarah Merrill
Aaron Hill Pvt New York Hannah Fisk
Orsamus Holmes Pvt, PS Massachusetts, Vermont Ruth Webb
John Hopping Pvt New Jersey Betsey Looker
John Hunt Pvt North Carolina Charity Hunt
Leonard Hyer, Sr. PS Virginia Anna Mary Haass
Andrew Ice Pvt Virginia Mary Bayles
Barnett Idol PS North Carolina Elizabeth Meier
Edward Inman Pvt Connecticut Jerusha Dilley
William Inyard Lt Pennsylvania Catherine Shell, Jane Norris
Elnathan Jacobs Pvt Massachusetts Margaret X, Rachel X
Thomas Jenks PS Pennsylvania Mercy Wildman
James Jones Pvt North Carolina Susanna Kinkaid
John Joyce QM, Sgt New York Dolly Wentworth
Michael Killinger Pvt, CS, PS Pennsylvania Catharine X
Daniel Kinsman Sgt Massachusetts Abigail Morse
Pierre La Cour, Jr. PS Louisiana Marie Louise Verger
Gershom Lee StaffOf, CS New Jersey Rebecca Hunt
Oliver Lovell Maj Vermont Hannah Smith, Irena Chaplin
William Lowther Maj, CS Virginia Sudna Hughes
John May Pvt South Carolina Frances X
Cornelius Mccollum Ens New Jersey Rebecca Leeds
Alexander Mccorkle CS North Carolina Nancy Agnes Montgomery, Rebecca Brandon
Thomas Merchant, Sr. Pvt Connecticut Sarah Perry
Benjamin Miles, Sr. Pvt Massachusetts Mary Hubbard
William Mooberry PS Pennsylvania Elizabeth Ramsey
Benjamin Murray Pvt Connecticut Lucretia Ranney
Abraham Newkirk Pvt Pennsylvania Keziah Shipman
Nicholas Patterson Capt Pennsylvania Martha Robinson
John George Peiffer Pvt Pennsylvania Mary Magdalen Schaeffer
Thomas Perkins PS Maryland Casandra Casteel
Henry Perrin Pvt, PS New Jersey Abigail La Rue
John Peters PS Georgia Mary Eason
Abijah Peters Sgt Pennsylvania Nancy X
Edmund Polk Maj Pennsylvania Mary Fultz
Daniel Price PS South Carolina Eleanor Jones
Jacob Priest Pvt Massachusetts Ann Jones, Sarah Longley
Christian Primmer Pvt, PS Pennsylvania Catherine Weis
Peter Quinn PS North Carolina Judith Robinson
Benjamin Randall LCol New. York, Vermont Lucy Babcock
Joseph Randolph Sol Virginia X Hightower, Nancy Turman
Willett Ranney Pvt Massachusetts Mary Butler
Joseph Ray, Sr. StaffOf Virginia Elizabeth Mc Elwaine
Tobias Ream Pvt, PS Pennsylvania Julianna Keller
Spencer Record Pvt Pennsylvania Elizabeth Elrod
Josiah Record Capt Virginia Susannah Tully
Jonathan Rice CS, PS New Hampshire Sarah Marvin
Mary Richardson PS Pennsylvania Joseph Richardson
James Rising Pvt Connecticut Elizabeth Laflin
Alexander Robb Capt New Hampshire Elizabeth Cunningham
Experience Robinson PS Connecticut Zerviah Palmer
Mckinney Robinson Pvt Virginia Elizabeth Walmesley
Uriah Roundy Pvt Vermont Lucretia Needham
Thomas Rouse Pvt Pennsylvania X, Nancy Loup/Loop
William Alexander Russwurm Lt North Carolina Eleanor Gosnell Sumner
Ludwig Schellman Pvt Pennsylvania Elizabeth Berger
Jacob Seabourn Pvt Virginia Annie X, Ann Harris
Michael Seitzinger Pvt Pennsylvania Anna Margaret Vanderslice
John Shacklett Pvt, PS Pennsylvania Barbara Quick
Rees Shelby Sol, PS North Carolina Mary X
John Johannes Sherman Pvt Pennsylvania Maria Catherine X, Margaretha Ruth X
Elihu Smith Ens, PS Connecticut, Vermont Oner Slade
Alexander Smith CS Massachusetts Rebecca Warriner
Jonathan Snow Pvt Massachusetts Betty Packard
Benjamin Stafford Pvt Rhode Island Lydia Lockwood
Thomas Stafford, Sr. Pvt, PS Rhode Island Diademiah Carpenter
Jesse Stallings Sol Georgia Sarah Sally Walker
Stephen Stapler PS Pennsylvania Mary Giffin
Hugh Sterling PS, CS New Hampshire Isabel Stark
George W Stewart PS Virginia Elizabeth Crouser, Anna Burch
Daniel Stivers Pvt New Jersey Margaret Hobart
Abraham Stucky PS Virginia X
Richard Swain Pvt New Jersey X
Joseph Frye Swan Sgt Massachusetts Mary Frye, Jane Osgood
Richard Talbot Lt Maryland Achsah Wells, Temperance Wells
James Tapscott Pvt New Jersey Sarah Baird, Ann Barcalow Baird
William Thompson Lt Massachusetts Deborah Sturtevant
James Thompson Pvt North Carolina Lucy Ivey
Lodowick Tuggle Capt, CS, PS Virginia Dorothy Lee
Benjamin Wait Pvt Massachusetts Zilpha Howard
Sanders Walker StaffOf Georgia Sarah Lamar
William Warren Pvt South Carolina Rhoda X
Ephraim Webster Pvt Connecticut Hopeful Cloutt, Prudence Smith, Eunice Olmstead Kingsbury
John Webster Lt New Hampshire Abigail Haselton, Mary Sterling
Jacob Weed Pvt Massachusetts Sarah Kittersfield
James Whaley, Jr. Lt Virginia Lettice Carter
John Wilmarth Pvt Massachusetts Jemima Bowen
Samuel Wilson PS Pennsylvania Rebecca Canby
Stephen Wilson PS Pennsylvania Sarah Blackfan
James Witcher Pvt Virginia Mary Colley
John Woolston PS Pennsylvania Elizabeth Wildman
Joshua Woolston PS Pennsylvania Mary Stapler, Mary Richardson
Richard Woolworth PS Massachusetts Naomi Wright, Lois Colton
Samuel Worthington PS Virginia Elizabeth Carney
Elizabeth Yocum PS Virginia Jacob Yocum
George Yocum Pvt Virginia Rebecca Powell