North Shore Chapter NSDAR

Lake Forest, Illinois


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North Shore Chapter NSDAR represents an energetic and friendly group of women who work to further the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR or NSDAR) in the mission areas of historic preservation, education, and patriotism. We aim to honor the spirit of our American Revolutionary War ancestors, educate the public about their sacrifices, and actively promote the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship.

Today, the North Shore Chapter NSDAR has approximately 150 members, including Junior members and associate members. We come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of interests. Our common bond is our lineal descent from patriots of the American Revolutionary War. North Shore Chapter NSDAR is a nonprofit, nonpolitical volunteer women's service organization.

We are women who…

  • care about fostering good citizenship and educating young people
  • want to honor our ancestors and preserve our past for future generations

Many members like to...

  • research genealogy
  • share in family DAR traditions
  • participate in commemorative events

If you are interested in DAR membership in our chapter, please contact us.