North Shore Chapter NSDAR

Lake Forest, Illinois

Patriot Ancestors

Listed on this page are the patriot ancestors of the current North Shore Chapter NSDAR members. American Revolutionary War patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

Rank Legend

2Lt Second Lieutenant
Capt Captain
Col Colonel
Cpl Corporal
CS Civil Service
Ens Ensign
Drm Drummer
Lt Lieutenant
MGENMajor General
Noncom Non-commissioned
PS Patriotic Service
Pvt Private
Sgt Sergeant
Sol Solider
Tms Teamster
Vol Volunteer

William Aaron, VA, Pvt
Joel Adams, CT, Lt
Micah Amy, VT, CS
Isaac Arey, MA, PS
George Bagby, GA, Pvt, CS
Gideon Baker, CT, Cpl, PS
John Baker, PA, Pvt
William Ball, VA, Lt
Josiah H Baugh, NC, PS
Nicholas Beisecker, PA, Pvt
John George Blank, PA, Pvt
Conrad Bloss, PA, Pvt
Daniel Bloss, PA, Pvt
Valentine Bowen, MA, Lt
Peter Brank, NC, Sol
John Britton, VA, Pvt
William Britton, NC, Sgt
Abial Brown, RI, Lt
Thomas Brown, MA, PS
Silas Bunker, MA, Pvt
Zachariah Bush, MA, Lt
John Caffery, VA, Capt, PS
Hanchrist Carlock, VA, Pvt
John Carrigan, NC, PS
Joshua Champlin, NY, Capt, PS
Samuel Churchill, VT, PS
Gaven Cluggage, PA, Capt
Joseph Cody, MA, Lt, CS, PS
John Cook, RI, Pvt
John Cook, VA, Capt
William Cooper, MA, CS, PS
Abraham Corson, NJ, Sgt
Moses Crosby, MA, Pvt
Christopher Cunningham, NC, PS
Solomon Curtis, MA, Pvt
Levi Davis, MA, Lt
Elisha Denison, CT, Cnt
Ebenezer Denny, PA, Lt
John Dietz, NJ, Pvt
John Donaldson, VA, Col, PS
Joel Doolittle, CT, Pvt
William Dowell, VA, Sgt
Bartholomew Driggs, CT, Pvt
John Emery, NJ, PS
Joseph Evans, PA, Pvt
Thomas Ewing, PA, Pvt
Charles Ferguson, VA, Pvt
Joshua Field, NH, Pvt
George Finley, PA, Pvt
Adonijah Foote, CT, PS
Ebenezer Foss, NH, Vol
Lewis Fryburger, PA, Pvt
Francis Garrow, MA, Cpl
John Gibson, PA, Pvt
Benjamin Gilbert, PA, PS
Richard Gladney, SC, Pvt
Ebenezer Gould, NY, Sgt
Jacques Goyette, CD, PS
Bowen Green, NY, Cpl
John Griesemer, PA, PS
Sherrod Griffin, VA, Sgt
Richard Grinnell, MA, Pvt
Sebastian Groff, PA, Lt
Andre Guillebeau, SC, Sgt
Barton Hamilton, SC, Capt
Robert Hamilton, PA, Cpl
John Hartman, PA, Pvt
Thomas Hayes, VA, PS
Peter Heilman, PA, Pvt
Elias Hemingway, MA, Cpl
William Hendricks, VT, Pvt
James Hersey, MA, Sgt
Simon Hinds, PA, Pvt
Vachel Hinton, VA, Pvt
Jabez Holden, MA, Capt
William Hovey, CT, Sgt
Timothy Hoyt, CT, Pvt
Turner Hunt, VA, Sol, PS
James Irish, MA, Sgt
George Jonathan Isham, CT, Drm
Benjamin Jenkins, MA, CS, PS
Joseph Jennings, VA, Capt, PS
Seth Kellogg, CT, Pvt
Thomas Kent, VA, Pvt
George Kimmel, PA, Pvt

Jacob King, PA, PS
Abraham Knauss, PA, Pvt
Abraham Lay, VA, PS
Emmanuel Lay, VA, PS
Benjamin Lee, MA, CS, PS
David Lee, NC, Sol
Eber Lee, MA, Pvt
Christopher Lobingier, PA, Maj, PS
Abraham Long, PA, Pvt
James Malcolm, VA, Sol
Joel Manning, CT, Pvt
Thomas Maxwell, VA, Sol
Jacob Mcafoose, PA, Pvt
John Mcclung, VA, PS
William Mcclung, VA, PS
Edward Mcmaster, PA, Pvt, PS
Peter Mertz, PA, Pvt
Nicholas Miller, PA, Capt
William Millar, VA, PS
Thomas Miner, CT, Sol
Devault Mock, NC, PS
Abijah Moore, VT, Capt
William Moultrie, SC, MGEN, PS
James Nephew, GA, Sol
David Noble, MA, Capt, PS
Matthew Osborn, NC, PS
Henry Overholtzer, PA, Pvt
John Overstreet, VA, Pvt
Willis Patten, MA, Pvt, CS, PS
Reuben Peck, CT, Sgt, CS
Joel Phillips, GA, Sol, PS
Humphrey Pike, MA, Maj
Amos Ponder, SC, Pvt
Peter Poole, VA, Pvt
Roswell Post, VT, PS
Israel Putnam, CT, MGEN
David Railsback, NC, Tms
Moses Ramsdell, MA, Pvt
Solomon Rathburn, NH, Pvt
Nathan Rawlings, PA, Pvt
Daniel Reckner, PA, Pvt
Michael Remaly, PA, Pvt
Ebenezer Rich, MA, Capt
Edward Richards, VA, Noncom, PS
John Roane, MD, Cpl
Edward Roche, DE, Lt
John Rogers, Sr., MA, PS
Azariah Rood, VT, PS
Joshua Rowe, MA, Pvt, PS
John Rudder, VA, Sgt
Michael Schall, PA, Lt
James Scott, PA, Pvt
Richard Searcy, NC, Capt, PS
James Sevier, NC, Sol
James Shaddock, VA, Pvt ,CS
Samuel Spencer, CT, Pvt
Peter Sperry, VA, Pvt
Ephraim Stevens, NH, Lt
Peter Stolp, NY, Sol
Jonas Stone, MA, Pvt, CS
Charles Strong, SC, PS
Margaret Strozier, GA, PS
Peter Strozier, GA, Pvt
Achilles Tandy, SC, Lt
Jonathan Taylor, VA, Lt
James Templer, VA, Pvt
John Trowbridge, CT, Lt
William Valentine, MA, Pvt
John Wagerman, PA, Noncom
George Walker, VA, Pvt
George Walker, VA, PS
Solomon Walker, MA, Capt, CS, PS
John Wall, PA, Capt
Caleb Warren, VT, Pvt
Mary Ball Washington, VA, PS
Samuel Weldon, NC, Sol
Samuel Weldon, NC, Col, PS
Robert Wells, MA, 2Lt
Benjamin Wheat, MA, Pvt
John Wilcox, CT, Pvt
Matthew Wilcox, CT, Pvt
Edward Wills, VA, Pvt
George Winslow, MA, CS
George Wood, RI, Lt
Daniel Yount, PA, Pvt, PS

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