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Our Patriots

Listed below are names for ancestors of members of the Rochelle Chapter, NSDAR. To the right of the patriot is the name of their spouse(s) (if known). These names are shown under the state for which they served. This list includes patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. Please contact us for more information.

Hinck, IraElizabeth Hyde
Hollister, NathanielMable Mathieson
Morse, Daniel Ann Wilcox
Shepard, Phineas Deliverance Smith
Warner, Solomon Rachel Ruggles
Sweet, Nathan Sarah X
Maine, New Hampshire
Fairbank, Jonas Mary Carter
Chapline, Moses Mary Caldwell
Hardesty, Robert Elizabeth
Nickodemus, Frederick Margaret Ripple
Norris, Jr., ThomasHannah Norrington
Bancroft, DavidEunice X
Cleveland, William Rachel Warren
Cornell, JosephAnna Almy
Drury, LukeLydia Sherman
Farwell, ThomasSarah Davis
Herrick, Samuel, Sr.Elizabeth Jones
Kimball, AaronMary Brooks
Newcomb, William Hannah Sales
Seavey, JohnSarah Scott
Turner, JoshuaLydia Drury
Wood, EphraimMary Heald
New Hampshire
Adams (Adam), Jonas Phoebe Hoar
Gale, Asa Esther X
House, John Susannah Peters
Winslow, Zebulon Hannah Bagley
New Hampshire-Vermont
Foster, SamuelTabitha Hodgkins
Porter, William Deborah Ainsworth
New Jersey
Condit, JonathanJemima Condit
Cooke, ElishaSarah Jackson Doty
Cortright, John X
Kirkpatrick, AlexanderSarah Carle
Shreve, William Anna Ivans
New York
Bishop, MosesJerusha Roberts
Hawthorne (Hathorn), JohnElizabeth Welling
Plantz, JohannesMargaretga X
Post, Jacobus T. Rachel Alyea
Post, JacobusMetye Van Wagnen (Gerritse)
Smith, IsaacMartha X
Van Etten, Jacob_ Westbrook
Waldron, PeterMaria Akerman
Winchell, LemuelSusanna Fulver
North Carolina
Cross, ElijahAnn Looney
Gibbs, John NicholasMary Efland
Gruss, PhillipCatharina X
Henley, Darby Elizabeth Chamberlain, Mary Young
Lierly, Christopher X
Provine (Provance), John Mary Mitchell
Sale, Leonard X
Tillman, TobiasCatherine Sharp
Vining, ShadrackPhereby Ratcliffe
Learned, Abijah Anna Sulham
Brady, William Mary X
Claar, SimonMargaret Clay
Davis, Azariah Elsie Van Meter
Dawson, JohnElizabeth Harrison
Haupt, Johann Nicholas Anna Schweiss
Marchend, David Elizabeth Kaemerer
McCann, James Jane Quail
McConaughy, David Jane Platt
McConaughy, James Isabella McConnell Moore
McCurdy, James Nancy McKinney
Morrison, George Margaret Morrison
Rogers, Andrew Jane Henderson
Scrivner, Benjamin Mary Cox
Seaton, JamesMary Clark
Seavey, JosephSarah Scott
Shively, PeterAnna Elizabeth Heinz
Sheldrake, DavidChristina Young
Way, CalebRebecca Mendenhall
Wilson, RobertEsther Parks
South Carolina
Thomas, William Margaret Marshall
Coffeen, JohnSusannah Goldsmith
Thomson, Hezekiah Jr.Mary Bishop
Thomson, Hezekiah Sr.Hannah _
Tuttle, SolomonDeborah Strong
Hahn, Michael X
Oliver, JohnMary
Owens, Mason Katharine Harris
Pennington, RichardHannah Boone Stewart
Ralston, DavidSarah Hinton
Reed, James Elizabeth Swassick
Richardson, WilliamRebecca Hayes
Snidow, ChristianMary Burke
Spriggs, ZachariahElizabeth Stevenson
Taylor, Robert Mary Summers, Frances Yelton, Alice Vaden Thomasson
Trinkle, Christopher Elizabeth Weizer
Woods, Andrew Martha Poage
Wyley (Wiley), Alexander Mary Wiley
Virginia, Pennsylvania
Wetzel, John Mary Bonnet
West Virginia
Caldwell, JamesElizabeth Alexander

John Hathorn

January 9, 1749–February 19, 1825

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John Hathorn House
The General John Hathorn Stone House is located on Hathorn Road in the town of Warwick, New York. The house was built in 1773, by John and Elizabeth Hathorn. It is constructed of locally quarried stone and has a wooden extension on the north and west sides.

He completed preparatory studies and became a surveyor and a school teacher. He moved to Warwick, New York, then a part of the precinct of Goshen, and married Elizabeth Welling. He was a captain in the local colonial militia, became a colonel of the Fourth Orange County (N.Y.) Regiment February 7, 1776, and served throughout the Revolutionary War. He served on the committee appointed to determine an effective location for the Great Chain across the Hudson which prevented the British from advancing up the river, and himself wrote the report. He was one of the commanders of the Battle of Minisink. After the war, on September 26, 1786, Hathorn became a brigadier general of the Orange County militia, and on October 8, 1793, a major general of state militia.

Hathorn was a member from Orange County of the New York State Assembly in 1778, 1780, from 1782 to 1785, in 1795 and 1805, and served as Speaker in 1784.

He was a member of the New York State Senate from 1786 to 1790, and from 1799 to 1803, and was a member of the Council of Appointment in 1787 and 1789. He was elected to the Confederation Congress in December 1788 but did not attend because it soon became defunct. In March 1789, he was elected to the First United States Congress, and served from April 23, 1789, to March 3, 1791. He was elected as a Democratic-Republican to the Fourth United States Congress, and served from March 4, 1795, to March 3, 1797.

He was buried in Warwick Cemetery. His stone house still stands on Hathorn Rd., with his and his wife's initials worked in red brick on the south gable of the house.

In World War II, the United States liberty ship SS John Hathorn was named in his honor.

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