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Chapter Patriots (see the list below)

Can We Add Your Patriot's Name to our List?

We invite you to take a look at the names of  the patriots belonging to our chapter members. Do you see a familiar name? Your ancestor did not have to fight to be considered a patriot. There were many ways of contributing to the cause, including public service and contributing food, clothing, shelter and other items for the troops. Perhaps one of your ancestors was a woman who constructed uniforms or flags? 

The DAR has a searchable database containing information on proven patriots and descendants of past and present DAR members. You can look for your own patriot on the DAR Genealogical Research System.

We would love to add his or her name to our list below and have you as a member of our chapter.

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James Adams (Jerusa Knight), CT, LT
Daniel Ainsworth, CT, PVT, PS
Job Allen (Abigail Mather), CT, SGT
Abel Armstrong (Mary Wanless), VA, PVT
Joshua Armstrong (Polly Ann), PA, PS PVT
Daniel Axtell (Ruth Tuttle/Tuthill), PA, PVT PS

Ebenezer Bali (Sarah Gookin) NH, PVT
George Barker, Jr, (Frankey Kerr) NC, PVT
Nicholas Beall (Elizabeth Eberhardt), PA, PVT
Francis Berry (Sarah Sharp) VA, PS PVT
Sarah Sharp Berry (Francis) VA, PS
Gideon Bosley (Sarah Cole), MD, PS
Louis Boyer, VA, PS
William Bronson (Esther Kelsay), MA, LT CS PS
Thomas Brown (Mary Ball Osborn), VA, PS
Isaac Buell (Prudence Sprague), CT, PVT
Joseph Ferdinand Bukllitschek (Maria Charlotta), NC, PS
George Bural/Burrill, (Elizabeth Linzin) MD, PVT
Zachariah Dingle Butler (Rachel Garrison), MD & NC, PVT

Joseph Carr (Priscilla Mary Shott), VA, CPL
Richard Cave (Elizabeth Craig), VA, PS
Peter Chaille (Comfort Houston), MD, CS & PS
Joshua Chillson (Margaret) MA, PVT
James Clark (Barbara Rock), VA, PVT
Samuel Cleveland (Ruth Darby), CT, PVT
James Coachman (Hannah Poole) SC, CPT  & CS
John Cooper (Elizabeth Caroll), SC, PVT
Pierre Cournoyer, VA, PS
William Crawford (Margaret Kilpatrick), VA, PS
Simon Crosby (Huldah Gibbs), CT, PVT
Zachariah Cross Easter/Hetty Johnson), NC, PVT
Simon Crosby (Huldah Gibbs), CT, PVT
Matthew Cushing (Priscilla Smith), VT, PVT

Richard Davenport (Rebecca Johnston), VA, SGT
Peter Decker (Styntie DeMott), NJ CPL
Jean Louis De Noyan (Marie Anne LaFluer dit Pallu), VA, PS
William Denny,(Mary Shields) VA, 2LT
Peter Deyerle,(Regina Bowman), VA, CS
Daniel Dillon NC, PS
Elinor Sharp Duncan (John Thomas) VA, PS
Elizabeth Alexander Duncan (Thomas) VA, PS)

John Ely (Sarah Worthington), CT, PS COL

Asher Fanning (Priscilla Kinne), MA, CPL
Henry Finefrock (Catherine ...), PA, SOL
Peter Flickinger (Mary Derr), PA, PVT
John Freshour (Margaret Funkhouser), VA, PVT
Josiah Fuller (Dorcas), CT, PVT

John Gaither IV (Ann Jacob), MD, CAPT
Louis Gaudere (Barb Leverond), VA, PS
George Green (Lucy Jones), NC, PVT
Moses Greenleaf (Lydia Parsons), MA, CAPT
Jonathan Mason Grover (Sarah Musgrove), MD, CPL

Edward Hall (Rachel), NC, PVt Spy
Robert Hawthorne (Mary Cameron McClary), SC, PVT
John Humphrey, VA, PVT

David James (Catherine Parks),  VA, NONCOM

Aaron Kelly (Mary Cauady), MA, PVT

Jean Francois Maillet, VA, PS
James McBride, Jr. (Martha Young), PA, CAPT
Amos Marney (Sarah Vance), VA, PVT
Robert McDaniel (Luann McDonnell) PA, PVT
Isaac McHenry, PA, LT
Alexander McKinley (Mary Wilson), VA, PVT
Shildes Moore (Blandana Risdon), MD, PS

James Noland (Barbara Saunders), VA & NC, CAPT

William Pohon (Elizabeth) VA, PVT
George Pontius (Catherine…), PA, PVT
John Purviance (Nancy Ferguson), NC & SC, PVT

Johannes Quattlebaum, SC, PS

Samuel Randolph (Sally Harrison), NJ, SOL
Nicholas Ridenour, MD, PS
Simon Ritz (Elizabeth Rockey), PA, PVT
Nathaniel Russell (Elizabeth Willard), CT, CORP

Justus Sackett (Lydia Newcomb), CT, CS PS
Alexis Sequin dit Laderoute (Marie Agathe Campeau), VA
Jacob Sigler (Margaret), VA, PS
John Smiley (Margaret Mehaffie), PA, PVT PS
Martin Stough (Christina), NC, PVT
Charles Swearingen, MD

Edmund Taylor, Sr (Anne Lewis) VA, CS, PS
Joseph Tougas (Marie Jeanne Cardinal), VA, PS

Robert Walker (Anson Swearengin), MD, PVT
William Ware (Martha Miller), CT, SGT
Revel Warton, VA
Benjamin Watts (Elizabeth Key), VA, PVT
Jonathan Welton, VA, PVT
John Westfall, VA, PS

James Zumwalt (Caty Queti Miller) VA, PVT

Key to abbreviations:
2LT - Second Lieutenant
CAPT - Captain
CORP - Corporal
CS - Civil Service
LT - Lieutenant
NONCOM - Non Commissioned Officer
PS - Public Service
PVT - Private
SGT - Sergeant
SOL - Soldier

Normally our meetings are on the third Monday of the month. Contact us to find out how to attend a chapter meeting.