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Highland, Illinois

The DAR, founded in 1890, and headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a volunteer women's service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America's future through better education for children.

Our Patriot Ancestors

Rev War
Did you know that your ancestor -- male or female -- did not have to serve in the military to be a patriot? There are many other acceptable service qualifications, such as civil service (serving as a town, county or state official), patriotic service (taking an oath of allegiance or providing material aid, such as supplies, to the troops).

Did you know?  The DAR has a searchable database containing information on proven patriots and descendants of past and present DAR members.  You can browse the collection here.

Isaac Allen, VA   
Jonathan Atherton, MA   
Joseph Atherton, MA
John Beaman, NC   
Benjamin Biggs, Sr., VA
Stephen Bolender, PA
John Branner, VA   
Pvt. Alexander Buchanan, NJ
Peter Challe, VA
John Chastain, VA
Samuel Clement, MA   
Jacob Costner, NC   
Benjamin Cutter, MA   
Lewis Day, MA   
Timothy Day, MA   
Michael Deck, VA   
LtCol Samuel Dedman, VA
Moses Dougherty, PA   
Solomon Edwards, NC
Moses Ellsworth, VA   
Jacob Forney, NC   
Nicholas Fridig, NC
William Gannon, NC   
John Gaston, Jr., SC
John Gaston, Sr., SC
William Gaston, SC   
George Geiger, PA   
Johan George Geiger, PA   
Henry Gonterman, NJ   
John Gordon, VA   
William Grady, NC   
Burwell Grigg, VA   
Isaac Hall III, CT  
Isham Hodges, VA
John Holbrook, NC
Pvt Samuel Hough, VA
John Ireson, PA
Charles Ives, CT   
Jesse Johns, VA   
Luke Keith, MA   
Frederick Kistler, PA, VA
William Knight, PA
James Knox, Sr. SC
William Knox, MA 
Johannes Krick, VA
Johannes Launius, NC
James Lemen, VA  
Ancil Manley, VA
John Marsh, NJ   
Peter Mason, CT   
Joseph Ogle, VA
James Olive, NC
James Outlaw, NC   
James Ramsay, PA   
Lewis Ricks
Michael Rudisill, NC
Philip Rudisill, PA
Phillip Russell, VA   
James Sappington, PA   
Captain Bartlett Searcy, NC
John Simmons, NY   
John Simpson, PA   
James Sloan, NC
Conrad Snider, PA 
Pvt. Jacob Souders, VA
James Stiff, VA   
1st LT Josiah Stillman, MA
Aquilla Suggs, NC
Benjamin Sweeney, VA
John Tabor, NC
Ensign Joshua Tanner, RI
Light Townsend, SC
Pvt. Julius Tozer, PA  
Pvt. John Ward, Sr., NC
Benjamin Washburn
William Whitfield, Sr., NC   
Peter Whitmer, PA
Joseph Williams, NC 
Benjamin Wilson, NJ
John Winfree, VA
Valentine Winfree, VA

Contact our registrar or regent for more information. Many of our members are willing to help you find ways to document your lineage. We're anxious to meet you and have you be a part of our chapter. Our chapter normally meets on the second Saturday of the month, September through May.

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