Chapter Patriots

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Did you know that your ancestor -- male or female -- did not have to serve in the military to be a patriot.  There are many other acceptable service qualifications, such as civil service (serving as a town, county or state official), patriotic service (taking an oath of allegiance or providing material aid, such as supplies, to the troops).

Zechariah Archer, PA, PVT

Oliver Babcock, RI, PVT
John Barbee, Jr, VA, PVT
John Barbee, Sr, VA, CAPT
Ebenezer Bartlett, NY, PVT
Rhinardt Bott, PA, CAPT
Philip Boyer, PA, PVT
Samuel Blankenbaker, VA, SOL
George Buchanan, PA, PS
Peter Burbee, NH, PVT

Michael Cowger, VA, CAPT

William Gaines, VA, PVT
Elisha Gilbert, CT, SGT

Jacob Hanse/Han/John Hollenbeck, NY, PVT
Thomas Stearn Hedger, VA, PVT
Wendel Hinkle, PA, PVT

Andrew Ingraham, VA, PVT

John Jarratt, VA, GRD

Charles Kemper, VA, PVT

Hance Likens, P, NC
Jacob Gooding Likens, P, NC

Samuel Mckee, VA, PVT
Josiah Martin, NC, LT
John Mitchell, PA, PVT

Thomas Newman, VA, SGT

John Pickens, PA, SGT
Stephen Pratt, MA, PVT

Godfrey Ratts, NC, PS

Samuel Safford, VT, BGEN
Gottlieb Sink, VA, PS
Thomas Steele, NC, PVT

John Leonard Winkelbleck, PA, SOL
Francis Winkler, PA, ENS
William Wright, VA, PVT

CS = Civil Service
PS = Patriotic Service

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Did you know?  The DAR has a searchable database containing information on proven patriots and descendants of past and present DAR members.  You can browse the collection here.

You can learn more about DAR membership on the National DAR site.