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Calendar of Events

October 12, 2016: “The Importance of Supplementals”
Speaker: Julie Elbert, District III, Director

November 1, 2016: “Antique Toys – For the Fun of It”
Speakers: Julie Woller and Carol Castellon

December 6, 2016: Christmas Tea
“Christmas Memories”
Speakers: Governor Bradford Members

January 9, 2017: “Y Programs for Women”
Speaker: Sarah Jones, Community and Marketing Director, YWCA

February 14, 2017: “Citizenship”
Speaker: Dr. Olga Vinogradovabr

March 6, 2017: “Springhill Cemetery”
Speaker: Sue Richter

March 18, 2017: “DAR Genealogy Workshop” for Prospective Members Interested in DAR and Finding Their Patriot
Speakers: Membership and Lineage Research Committee
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April 4, 2017: Scrapbooks – “An April Surprise”

May 6, 2017: “What’s Up in Danville”
Speaker: Mayor Scott Eisenhower

May 29, 2017: Service and Laying of Wreath
National Cemetery, VA Medical Center

June 14, 2017: SAR & HODAR
Speaker: Allan Cooke

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