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Princeton-Illinois Chapter

Princeton, Illinois

Chapter Markers

Tree Ceremony

Pamela Bork, State Regent 2013-2015, members of the Princeton chapter, and city officials, dedicated an Anniversary Tree on the lawn of the Princeton City Hall. The tree commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution, War of 1812 and founding of Bureau County.

Sturges Marking

Sturges Marking at Mt. Bloom Cemetery, Tiskilwa.

Marker for Aaron Sturges

Marker for Aaron Sturges, Revolutionary War patriot, who joined the Connecticut forces before he was 15. He became a fife, survived Valley Forge and the Battle of Monmouth, and then moved to Tisilwa, Illinois.

Marker for Lydia Sturges

Marker for Lydia Sturges, patriot's daughter, who worked and died in Tiskilwa, Illinois.

Edward Hall Family

Cemetery monument for the Edward Hall family, buried in Miller Cemetery, Spring Valley, Illinois.

Marker of Rachel Baines Hall

Marker for Rachel Baines Hall, wife of North Carolina patriot, Edward Hall, placed in 2005.

Marker of Sally Hall Miller

Marker for Sally Hall Miller, daughter of North Carolina patriot, Edward Hall, placed in 2005.

Marker for the Lovejoy Homestead

Marker for the Lovejoy Homestead, Princeton, Illinois. It reads: “This house was one of the most important stations in the Underground Railroad movement in Illinois. Runaway slaves were harbored by the Lovejoy family until arrangements could be made for them to travel to the next station on their way to Canada. Placed by the Princeton-Illinois Chapter NSDAR 1976.”

Lincoln Speech MArker

Lincoln speech marker, Princeton Public Library. It reads “To commemorate the address given in Bryant's Woods by Abraham Lincoln on July 4th, 1856. This memorial is placed by the Princeton-Illinois Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, 1915.”