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Our Patriots

If any of the surnames look familar, you may possibly share an ancestor with one of our members. Contact us for more information.

Revolutionary War Ancestor State Spouse
Appleton, Samuel MA Mary Russell
Axtell, Thomas PA Mary Tuthill
Beardsley, Philo CT Esther Curtis
Bickett, William MD Unknown
Bigelow, James MA Mary Sawyer
Brigham, Levi MA Susanna Grout
Bruce, John MA Mary Joslyn
Christy, James VA Sarah Lemen
Carrico, Thomas MD Elizabeth Kirby
Connelly, Henry NC Ann MacGregor
Easley, Daniel VA Elizabeth Echols
Frakes, Joseph SC Hannah
Greenman, Jeremiah RI Mary Eddy
Gore, Asa CT Elizabeth Avery
Guthrie, William CT Susanna (Kirby)
Hall, Edward NC Rachel Barnes
Haskell, Samuel RI Mary Jane Turner
Heaton, Isaac VA Hannah Bowen
Hennen, Matthew VA Elizabeth Hall
Herrick, Nehemiah MA Miriam Upton
Kelly, William MA Rebecca Martin
Kirby, Enoch MD Unknown
Knight, James PA Margaret Prigmore
Lackey, Adam VA Janet Burney
Lathrop, Elisha NH Hannah Hough
Lee, William CT Eunice Hotchkiss
Lefevre, Menard NJ Charity Teets
Lincoln, Benjamin MA Mary Cushing
Lindley, Levi NJ Polly Stillwell
Lyerly, Zacharias NC Margaret Catherine Meisenheimer
Matson, Nehemiah PA Rachel Worrel
Massie, Thomas VA Sarah Cocke
Mensch, Christian PA Sabina Hess
Moore III, Jonathan CT Anna Westover
Moore, Roderick CT Mary Guthrie
Nash, Moses MA Anna Bliss
Newton III, Matthew CT Elizabeth West
Piper, Elisha NH Sarah Barker
Piper, Samuel NH Jane Cate
Plumley, John CT Susannah Clayton
Plummer, Francis MA Kezia Kinney
Pomeroy Sr., Pliny MA Sarah Allen
Price, William VA Nancy
Quick, James PA Hannah Pelton
Read, John MA Mary Wilbur
Roberts, Timothy CT Sarah Fuhur
Snowberger, Jacob PA Catherine Miley
Sturtevant, Hosea MA Sarah Paine
Sutherland, John MD Susannah
Sweet, Amos NY Elizabeth Straight
Thompson, Jonathan MA Elizabeth Warriner
Thurston, Joel NY Miriam Blakesley/Bakely
Weaver, John VA Martha “Patsy” Nichol
Whitaker, Joseph PA Sarah Opdengraf
White, Thomas MD Margaret Sympson
White, Thomas PA Elizabeth Jones
Williams, Rev. Dr. Soloman CT Mary Hooker
Wilson, Samuel PA Rebecca Canby
Wolfe, Andrew PA Margaret

Do you have a Revolutionary patriot in your family tree?

Consider membership in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR), a volunteer women’s service organization that honors and preserves the legacy of our Patriot ancestors. More than 200 years ago, American patriots fought and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. As a member of the DAR, you can continue this legacy by actively promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America’s future through better education for children.

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