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The Fort Massac Chapter National Society Daughters

of the American Revolution was established in 1929.


Fort Massac DAR Timeline


Today Fort Massac Daughters take pride in leadership and work to continue the DAR’s mission of historic preservation, patriotism, and education in Massac County and in concert with the Illinois State Organization and the National Society.


2008 The Fort Massac Chapter DAR celebrates the 100th anniversary of Fort Massac State Park.


2003 Fort Massac DAR and Illinois DAR rededicate the George Rogers Clark statue at Fort Massac State Park.


2001 Fort Massac DAR represents DAR at the presentation of the redesigned Fort Massac.


1999 Fort Massac DAR dedicates Joseph Blair plaque at Fort Massac State Park. The plaque is in honor of Joseph Cullen Blair for his efforts in establishing Fort Massac State Park. He is the "Father of the Illinois State Park System".


1994 Fort Massac DAR celebrates 65 years. The first chapter regent was Mrs. L.K. McAlpin.


1990 Fort Massac DAR dedicates a DAR historical marker at Fort Massac State Park.


1974 Illinois DAR presents silver cup to Fort Massac Museum. "The silver loving cup was presented to Professor Blair in 1908 by the Illinois DAR for his work. Fifty years later he gave it back to the DAR. After many years the cup has found its true resting place along with the book written by Miss Ruth Van De Venter of Urbana, who has done the research on all the phases of the history and development of the park. Her book is well illustrated with original pictures. Both were presented to the Fort Massac Museum Sunday, November 3, 1974." (Metropolis Planet, 1974)


1968 Fort Massac DAR marks 60th anniversary of Fort Massac State Park. Two Fort Massac DAR members serve on the Fort Massac Association board, helping to plan the anniversary celebrations. DAR marks 150th anniversary of Illinois becoming a state during the July 4th week by creating a historical window display and participating in the play “Heritage of Arrows.”


1965 Fort Massac DAR loans 1021 copies of old newspapers, 1866 to 1877, to the library for microfilming. Miss Verna Mae Helm serves as state vice regent of the Illinois DAR.


1964 Fort Massac DAR presents 1830 and 1880 microfilm census to the Metropolis Library in memory of Mrs. Roy R. Helm. DAR marks the 125th anniversary of Metropolis’ founding and wins first prize for a downtown window display “An Early Metropolis Bedroom.” Miss Verna Mae Helm serves as state vice regent of the Illinois DAR.


1961 Fort Massac DAR sponsors mayor’s proclamation honoring Constitution Week. Miss Verna Mae Helm serves as state librarian of the Illinois DAR and Virginia Trousdale serves as the director of the Seventh Division. Miss Helm also serves as secretary of the National Club of State Vice Regents.


1960 Fort Massac DAR members write articles for every issue of the newspaper during February and sponsors announcements on the radio and an essay contest in the elementary schools for its main project, American History Month.


1958 Fort Massac DAR plants five evergreens around the DAR marker at Fort Massac.


1949 Fort Massac DAR celebrates 20th anniversary as a chapter.


1947 Mrs. Roy R. Helm serves as state librarian. Fort Massac DAR donates money to the fund for building the Valley Forge Bell Tower and places the names of “Fort Massac Chapter,” “Mrs. Roy R. Helm,” and “Mrs. L.K. McAlpin” in the Valley Forge Bell Tower, now the Washington Memorial National Carillon. The tower houses the DAR Patriot Rolls listing those who served in the Revolutionary War and lists of men and women who fought in World War I and World War II. It also houses the Justice Bell, which was used between 1915 and 1920 for the women’s suffrage movement.


1946 Fort Massac DAR nominates Mrs. Roy Helm to be state librarian at Annual Conference.


1932 Fort Massac DAR dedicates George Rogers Clark statue at Fort Massac State Park. "A crowd of about 3,000 attended the unveiling of the George Rogers Clark monument at the Fort Massac State Park. Mayor U.H. Karr was chairman of the day and gave the welcoming address. All members of the local DAR chapter present wore colonial costumes. Miss Beatrice Leek wore her great-great-grandmother's wedding dress which has been in the family for 164 years." (Republican Herald, June 7, 1932)


1929 Fort Massac Chapter of the DAR organizes in Metropolis, Illinois, with Mrs. Eli Dixon as the organizing regent.