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Peoria Chapter, Peoria, Illinois


Welcome to the Peoria Chapter website. We are located in the heart of Illinois. Formed on Flag Day, June 14, 1896, we are one of the oldest chapters in Illinois. Our chapter was named after the city of Peoria and the Peoria Indians who inhabited the Lake Pimiteoui area, now known as Peoria Lake.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote patriotism, historic preservation, and education by preserving not only the memory of the men and women who fought or gave service to gain our freedom during the Revolutionary War; but, to also remember and honor those who have sacrificed to keep us free.


The Peoria Chapter meets the third Tuesday of each month, September through June, with the exception of the month of February. Please contact us for information on times and locations.

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The Peoria Chapter, NSDAR, sponsors the Zeally Moss Society of the Children of the American Revolution. Membership is open to any male or female from birth to their 22nd birthday who can prove legitimate descent from a Revolutionary patriot. Zeally Moss fought in the American Revolution. His daughter, Lydia Moss Bradley, was one of Peoria Chapter's earliest members. They are both buried at Springdale Cemetery in Peoria.

Inquiries may be emailed to Mrs. Claire Seshul

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