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The Peoria Chapter NSDAR was founded on Flag Day, June 14, 1896, by organizing regent, Miss Caroline M. Rice, and sixteen charter members.

On June 14, 2016, Peoria Chapter celebrated its 120th birthday. The chapter presently has over 240 members and continues to grow. Our goals remain focused on education, patriotism, and promoting historical preservation.

From its very beginning, the Peoria Chapter has contributed to the community. The chapter helped to build the Soldiers Monument at the Peoria Court House, partnered with the Peoria Historical Society in the purchase of Flanagan House, and placed the dedication marker at Constitution Gardens on the riverfront. In September 2008, the Peoria Chapter presented a granite Liberty bench to the City of Peoria in honor of Mary Ann Frances Watkins Middleton, a former chapter regent, Illinois State Regent, and Vice President General. The bench is located on Liberty Park’s riverfront.

Liberty Bench

The inscription on the bench reads:
“Honoring Those Who Sacrificed Their Lives and Fortunes For Our Freedom”
Peoria Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Mary Ann W. Middleton, Illinois State Regent 2005-2007

In 1932-1933, the Peoria Chapter DAR began its Good Citizen Project which is held each February at the historic 1890s Peoria Women’s Club. Students and parents are invited to a ceremony followed by a formal tea. Certificates, pins, and cards are presented to high school seniors from the Peoria area. The top student is awarded the Peoria Chapter’s Mary Ann Middleton Good Citizens Memorial Scholarship.

The Zeally Moss Chapter, Children of the American Revolution, organized in 1905, was the first Illinois C.A.R. chapter. It remains active today and participates annually in Memorial Day ceremonies.

Peoria Chapter continues to support all phases of NSDAR. We are proud of our heritage; and, work hard to preserve the past and prepare for the future.

Organizing Regent

Caroline Rice

Miss Caroline M. Rice
Picture taken at 50th Anniversary of Organization of Peoria Chapter — 1946

Charter Members

Mrs. Lillian Rice Brigham

Mrs. Mary Rouse

Miss Caroline Montgomery Rice

Mrs. Esther I Ellis

Miss Margaret A. Weirick

Mrs. Kate E. Rousseau

Miss Emma Tytus Lines

Miss Mary E. Culver

Mrs. Helen Stowell Lines

Miss Margaret Nevins Thompson

Miss Elizabeth F. Cornelison

Miss Jennie L. Bryan

Mrs. Lucie Brotherson Tyng

Miss Alice De Riemer

Mrs. Alice Riggs Tyng

Mrs. Lydia Jack Clark

Mary Ann Frances Watkins Middleton

Mary Ann Middleton

Chapter Regent, 1987-1989
Illinois State Regent, 2005-2007
Vice President General, 2011-2014

Past State Regents

Mrs. George T. Page

Mrs. H. Eugene Chubbuck

Past Chapter Regents

1896-1897    Miss Caroline M. Rice *
1897-1899 Mrs. Alexander G. Tyng *
1899-1902 Mrs. Joseph Elder *
1902-1903 Mrs. Benjamin F. Ellis *
1903-1904 Mrs. Henry Mansfield *
1904-1905 Mrs. John W. Rowcliff *
1905-1907 Mrs. John L. Black *
1907-1908 Mrs. Robert S. Waddell *
1908-1909 Mrs. Julius S. Starr *
1909-1913 Mrs. George T. Page * Δ
1913-1915 Mrs. James N. Butler *
1915-1918 Mrs. H. Eugene Chubbuck * Δ
1918-1920 Mrs. Ellen F. Clark *
1920-1922 Mrs. Howard M. Sedgwick *
1922-1923 Mrs. Charles W. LaPorte *
1923-1924 Mrs. H. Eugene Chubbuck * Δ
1924-1926 Mrs. Mark D. Batchelder *
1926-1928 Mrs. William N. Brown *
1928-1929 Mrs. George R. Whitmore *
1929-1930 Mrs. Fredrick F. Blossom *
1930-1932 Mrs. Frederick C. Barnett *
1932-1933 Mrs. John H. Roth *
1933-1934 Mrs. Godfrey G. Luthy *
1934-1936 Mrs. Thayer K. Morrow *
1936-1938 Mrs. Loyal G. Tillotson *
1938-1940 Mrs. Clark B. Montgomery *
1940-1942 Mrs. Carl F. Pfeffinger *
1942-1944 Mrs. Alfred H. Hiatt *
1944-1946 Mrs. Ernest E. East *
1946-1948 Mrs. John W. Hoffman *
1948-1950 Mrs. W. E. McCartney *
1950-1952 Mrs. Milo T. Easton *
1952-1954 Miss Viola Gallup *
1954-1956 Mrs. Julia Ball Kerr
1956-1958    Mrs. Frank Sherman *
1958-1960 Mrs. K. R. Clugsten *
1960-1962 Mrs. George J. Spangler *
1962-1964 Mrs. Arnold G. Fernstead *
1964-1966 Miss Elma Spickard *
1966-1968 Mrs. Homer M. Keller *
1968-1970 Mrs. Harold B. Ewoldt *
1970-1972 Mrs. Russell F. Peters *
1972-1974 Mrs. Francis E. Johnson *
1974-1975 Mrs. Howard D. Haynes
1975-1976 Mrs. John O. Nack *
1976-1978 Mrs. Homer M. Keller *
1978-1981 Mrs. John A. Holtzman *
1981-1982 Mrs. Robert G. Day *
1983-1985 Mrs. Howard D. Haynes
1985-1987 Mrs. John E. Nack *
1987-1989 Mrs. Robert K. Middleton * Δ
1989-1991 Mrs. Asa M. Robison *
1991-1993 Mrs. Dan L. Thurman
1993-1995 Mrs. William L. Sprick
1995-1997 Mrs. Erwin H. Powers *
1997-1999 Mrs. Frederick H. Larke
1999-2001 Mrs. William D. Kraft
2001-2003 Mrs. Donald G. Arends
2003-2005 Mrs. James E. Devore
2005-2007 Mrs. Ted P. Rathbone
2007-2009 Mrs. Frederick H. Larke
2009-2011 Mrs. Phillip J. Stewart
2011-2013 Mrs. David Pierce
2013-2015 Mrs. Frederic Bock
2015-2016 Mrs. Dennis Berg
2016-2017 Mrs. Pierce Frels
2017-2019 Mrs. Patrick Horrie

* Deceased     Δ Past State Regent

Flanagan House

Flanagan House

The John C. Flanagan House Museum was built in 1837, on Peoria’s east bluff by John C. Flanagan and is the oldest standing house in Peoria. This American Federal style house offers a spectacular view of the Illinois River Valley. Collections of antique glass, china, furniture, toys, quilts, and vintage clothing are displayed. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places and is owned by the Peoria Historical Society. It is also the headquarters of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Peoria Chapter.

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