Peoria Chapter NSDAR

Peoria Chapter


Constitution Week

Service Committees

American Heritage
Mary Stewart

American History
Kimberly Crandall

American Indians
Lucy Elliott

Sheila Brewster

Children of the American Revolution
Clare Seshul

Community Classroom
Margaret West

Myrna Schwarz

Constitution Week
Jackie Padesky

DAR Good Citizens
Nicole Mauser-Storer
Rebecca Leucht

DAR Magazine
Linda Sedgwick

DAR Museum Outreach
Emily Honings

DAR Project Patriot
Cynthia Horrie

DAR Scholarship
Julia Deakin

DAR School
Julie Watson
Katrina Sotomayor

DAR Service for Veterans
Katrina Sotomayor

Historic Preservation
Cynthia Horrie

DAR Historic Preservation Grants
Karen Frels

Literacy Promotion
Betsy Cooper

National Defense
Marian "Eve" Hender

Service to America
Katherine Sotomayor

The Flag of the United States of America
Susan Pierce

Women’s Issues
Sue Neal

Genealogy Committees

Lineage Research
Jacqueline Padesky

Genealogical Records
Cynthia Bertino

Patriot Records Project
Cynthia Horrie

Administrative Committees

Karen Frels

DAR Leadership Training
Katrina Sotomayor

LuAnn Baldock

Junior Membership
Katrina Sotomayor

Mary Stewart
Shelia Brewste

Public Relations and Media
Rebecca Schotthofer

Volunteer Information Specialists
Susan Pierce

Special Committee

America 250!
Katrina Sotomayor

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